11 Inspirational Quotes from the Top CEOs of the Modern Business World

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Featured in: Leadership & Management Learning from the successes of today can be vital to the successes of tomorrow. Get a head start with these inspirational quotes and tips from today's top business leaders.


  • 1. Don’t worry aboutfailure; you only haveto be right once.DREW HOUSTONDropbox, Co-Founder and CEO
2. In this ever-changing society, the mostpowerful and enduring brands arebuilt from the heart. They are realand sustainable. Their foundationsare stronger because they are builtwith the strength of the humanspirit, not an ad campaign. Thecompanies that are lasting arethose that are authentic.HOWARD SCHULTZCEO, Starbucks 3. You can’t connect the dots lookingforward; you can only connectthem looking backwards. So youhave to trust that the dots willsomehow connect in your future.STEVE JOBSCEO, Apple Inc. 4. Experience taught me a few things.One is to listen to your gut, no matterhow good something sounds on paper.The second is that you're generallybetter o sticking with what you know.And the third is that sometimes yourbest investments are the onesyou don't make.DONALD TRUMPCEO, The Trump Organization 5. There’s an entrepreneur rightnow, scared to death, makingexcuses, saying, “It’s not theright time just yet.” There’s nosuch thing as a good time.KEVIN PLANKCEO, Under Armour 6. It takes humility to realize that wedon’t know everything, not torest on our laurels and know thatwe must keep learning andobserving. If we don't, we can besure some startup will be thereto take our place.CHER WANGCEO, HTC 7. Lots of companies don'tsucceed over time. Whatdo they fundamentallydo wrong? They usuallymiss the future.LARRY PAGECEO, Google Inc. 8. The thing that I learned early on isyou really need to set goals in yourlife, both short-term and long-term,just like you do in business. Havingthat long-term goal will enable youto have a plan on how to achieve it.We apply these skills in business,and yet when it comes to ourselveswe rarely apply them.DENISE MORRISONCEO, Campbell Soup Co. 9. The distance between numberone and number two is alwaysa constant. If you want toimprove the organization, youhave to improve yourself andthe organization gets pulled upwith you. That is a big lesson.INDRA NOOYIChairperson & CEO, PepsiCo 10. The way I think about culture isthat modern humans haveradically changed the way thatthey work and the way that theylive. Companies need to changethe way they manage and leadto match the way that modernhumans actually work and live.BRIAN HALLIGANCEO, Hubspot 11. I try not to make anydecisions that I’mnot excited about.JAKE NICKELLCEO, Threadless 12. IS YOUR WEBSITE SABOTAGING YOUR SALES?Learn powerful strategies andproven tips to transform yourwebsite from an after-thought toyour most talented salesperson.GET FREE GUIDE