10 practical tips for working with lgbt influencers 12.11.16

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Text of 10 practical tips for working with lgbt influencers 12.11.16

  • 10 Practical Tips for Working with LGBT Influencers

    By: Auston Matta

  • About Me

    Engineer turned travel writer, blogger & marketer

    Spent 1 year on a RTW trip in 2012

    Hobby blog > pro bloggers

    Blogger @ Two Bad Tourists

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    What: Content, Social Media & Influencer Marketing

    How: Travel Bloggers, YouTubers & Social Media Stars

    Why: Peers vs Brands, Digital/Social & Trust

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    10 TIPS

  • Know: whats an influencer?


    People with a large following via online or social media channels

    Use key leaders to drive brands message Through influencer not direct to

    consumer Not celebrities direct connection with

    followers Sense of trust and respect among followers Influence the decisions of their followers

  • LGBT influencers may not have LGBT audience Content must be LGBT focused How do you know?

    Ensure LGBT Audience


  • Watch / read their contentSearch: LGBT or Gay or Lesbian


  • Does the audience size determine influence?

    Whats better.?1x large influencer or 10x micro-influencers?

    Understand Size vs Influence


  • #3

  • #3

    Many influencer marketers get either star struck or simply blinded by numbers when setting out to identify influencers.

    influence is not popularity. Popularity can be a byproduct of influence or authority.

    Source: TapInfluence

    Understand Size vs Influence

  • Dont be confused

    A individuals influence is not determined by audience size or reach, but by their ability to influence the decision of their followers.

    This is measurable and a professional influencer can give you metrics or case studies demonstrating their ability.


    Understand Size vs Influence

  • For travel.

    A travel-focused influencer will convert higher than a mainstream or general LGBT influencer


    Understand Size vs Influence

  • Define your goal





  • Define your goal



    Web Visits?

  • Define your goal

    Brand Awareness

    App Downloads

    Social MediaFollowers




    Instagram Contests Giveaway Twitter Trips


  • Define KPIs & Measure


    How do you measure success.?

  • Define KPIs & Measure


    Tips to track & measure.

    1. Booking or unique discount codes2. Tracking links (link clicks & conversions)3. Track unique hashtags4. Tracking pixels (for web views)5. Engagements6. Social media follows7. Emails gained

  • Pick the Right Influencer


    Who do you want to reach?

    1. Gay couples2. Lesbian couples3. Singles4. Men5. Women6. Families7. Trans

  • Pick the Right Influencer


    Do they match your brand?

  • Does their audience match your target? Is their content inline with your brand or

    message? Would you publicly announce a partnership? Are they trustworthy? Will they execute based on agreement?

    Pick the Right Influencer


  • Understand their value Dont expect theyll work for free Make it about them, not you Be clear about your offer Be personal Reach/watch their content Contact them, dont ask them to contact you Check their blog, YouTube or social media

    Best Practices to Approach


  • Influencers have a following for a reason Their fans love their creativity Leverage their creativity Allow creative freedom Balance requirements & upfront agreement

    Balance Creative Freedom


  • No barrier to entry for influencers Influencers audience interested

    in your brand? Influencer interprets and controls

    content Their vision might be different

    than yours Influencers like editorial control

    Understand & Manage Risk


  • Influencer campaigns are highly scalable Dont go for the biggest right away Start small, measure, evaluate, adjust

    Its OK to Start Small