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1. 10 Best SEO Blogs 2. Search engine optimization, better known as SEO, and digital marketing are ever-evolving fields. As Google updates, semantics continually alter search results and more emphasis is put on quality content in addition to SEO, the savvy online marketer must keep up with all the latest changes. One of the best ways to keep up with these continual changes is to regularly read SEO blogs. 3. The most useful blogs offer the most up-to-date SEO news as well as the possible relevance to individual companies marketing campaigns. This can include informative how-to videos and guides, as well as suggestions for how businesses can make the best impression in a saturated field. These are ten SEO blogs that are standout out above the rest in terms of the best and most useful information provided: 4. 1. The Google Blog: In terms of SEO, little is more important than understanding the analytics and rankings of Google. This blog is consistently updated with changes in the way that the mega-search engine ranks content, and it gives helpful tips on a variety of SEO and marketing subjects. However, it is largely news-based, with few tutorials or guides. 5. 2. Moz: One of the original SEO blogs, Moz has been producing valuable beginners guides since 2004. However, this site isnt just for novices; the advanced content is more in-depth and detailed. In addition, readers are encouraged to contribute and to utilize the blogs online SEO tools. 6. 3. Search Engine Journal: Based on the content provided by guest contributors, this blog has a wealth of videos and commentary from a broad spectrum of authors. This unique perspective encourages collaboration and specialized SEO tips that have been learned from experience. 7. 4. Search Engine Land: Potentially the most popular of the SEO blogs, this one consistently reports SEO news quickly and with a great deal of detail, often providing multiple articles or tutorials on the same subject. Reader questions are frequently answered consistently and completely, and information is clearly organized into searchable categories. 8. 5. Search Engine Watch: Another of the most popular SEO blogs, this one is also quick to cover news and to publish quality explanatory articles on a variety of topics. Covering social media and analytics, this blog provides suggestions for improved SEO based on Googles changing analytics. 9. 6. Backlink: Marketers hoping to improve SEO from increased site traffic should begin with this blog. Articles focus on SEO and link-building strategies, specifically detailing how these methods can be applied directly to business. 10. 7. HubSpot: The conversational style makes this blog easy to follow and interesting. In addition to the SEO- specific advice, this blog also offers valuable information about sales, web design and many other topics. 11. 8. KISSmetrics: Focusing on data and metrics analysis and application, this blog covers a wide range of topics, not all of them SEO-related. However, the SEO information is consistently detailed and useful for anyone looking to improve search engine performance. 12. 9. SEMRush: In addition to the SEO blog, this company also offers an SEO-audit tool that is one of the best available. Maintained with up-to-date information and opinions from experts, the advice is relatable and applicable for most businesses. 13. 10. HigherVisibility: While information about changing SEO policies is available on this blog, the main focus is to provide tutorials and tools to help individual companies actually apply the SEO lessons to their own websites and blogs. 14. There is a wealth of information available online to help with the many aspects of SEO marketing, and these blogs are just a small sampling. Finding the most useful resources is the first step to improving any SEO marketing campaign, and these blogs can help. 15. Search Optics Inc is a leader in digital marketing solutions for the automotive industry. Search Optics car dealer marketing services include custom websites, search engine optimization, paid search and mobile solutions that generate leads which result in sales opportunities. Search Optics specializes in car dealer marketing and automotive SEO services. For more details, please visit Searchoptics.com.