What you Should know about Getting your Wedding Ring Engraved

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What to Do Before Having Your Wedding Ring Engraved


What to Do Before Having Your Wedding Ring Engraved

Engraving your wedding bands with names, quotes, or words with special meaning to you and your spouse is a fantastic way to solidify the sanctity of your love and make each other feel special each and every day, and that is why so many couples are choosing to have it done. If you are giving some thought of having your wedding rings engraved, then perhaps this will help you make the right choice.

Doing it at the right time

The absolute best time to have your rings engraved is when they are being made. But this doesnt mean that you cant get it done if your rings are already complete. Having it done at a later stage may be the only option for some couples, and there is certainly no sense in getting new

bands forged just to have them engraved. This is usually the case for those who also want to have engagement rings done.

For those who are looking for the perfect ring to have engraved, take a look at some of the wedding rings in Melbourne by Simon West.

Doing it for the right reasons

Why would a couple like to have their rings engraved? For starters, it is a wonderful romantic gesture that is aimed at locking away a certain, emotional meaning into the ring, but there are other reasons. Since others generally dont know why the ring was engraved, this act makes it all very personal and romantic for the couples who do it.

Another reason to have rings engraved is to remind the bride and groom of the date of their anniversary. This might sound silly, but you would be surprised how many couples have this slip their mind.

Getting it done the right way

Engraving is not only for wedding rings, and can be done on many types of jewellery, but bands are generally the most popular choice. Because of this, most jewellers can do it for you. Chat with the jeweller who you got the ring from and check the details of the item to see to what extent you can have it engraved.

If your jeweller is not able to do it for you then ask around, Simon West jewellers would be happy to do it for you.

What to engrave on your ring

The options are as limitless as ones personal preferences and what can fit on the ring.

Typically, common options include each others names or nicknames, the date of the wedding, a memorable quote or line that is important to you both, or if you like something adventurous that you both agree with.

It is important to ensure that nothing overly fashionable is chosen. Trends will change faster than your marriage, and neither of you wants to look back on it as something tacky.

So why not have your wedding or engagement bands engraved? Add your personal touch to something so traditional to express your unique relationship and love for each other. For more information about getting your rings engraved, take a look at our website and see what we have on offer.


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