The silent influencers- written in 2004, Bradford, UK

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I wrote this in 2004- many moons ago... as my last presentation in Bradford, where I had gone for the Chevening scholarship. The last section is about what I learnt there as a person.

Text of The silent influencers- written in 2004, Bradford, UK

PowerPoint Presentation

The Silent PersuadersCreating Beauty brands for the heartscape

Buying Beauty off the shelves

Promises through the yearsA picture perfect face

New Beauty benefits

Value added products

The formula hasnt changed

The Admans ( womans) cutWeave dreams


Creating beauty icons

A face speaks a thousand wordsLakme

Creating a differenceInvesting in emotions

Unique cuts, unique executions

Focus on the persona

Brands with attitude

AttitudeKnock out BeautyKnock out

Good ads, well executed, clear messageButis there more to beautyWhat can make us stand apart

LearningsLost in the sameness Superficial beauty Impossibly beautiful perfect women

Emotions /benefits restricted to feelings( confidence, freedom etc)Result: Very replicable.More of the same.

What Women Say

Quotable quotes I think the worst part is the models bodies. When I see them I hate my body. I want to be like them and they make me diet all the time. I am really tired of this.( Eva, 22)

The girls in the ads are too beautiful. I try to be like them but I can never have their hair and skin.- Meera, 19, Kolkatta, India

Everybody has limitation and better be realistic about it and do the best that you can. No matter how much make up you wear, it cant turn you into Cindy Crawford.- college student, Indonesia

We are bombarded today with images of the "perfect" woman... She is tall and willowy, weighing at least 20% less than what her height requires. She rarely looks older than 25,( 18 in India) has no visible flaws on her skin, and her hair and clothes are always immaculate. One "perfect woman" looks pretty much like the next Naomi Wolf ,in her book, The Beauty Myth

Where does this leave our consumer?Stereotypical beauty aspirationNot a choice but a compulsion

Unachievable beauty images

Disbelieve and disenchantment

Goes for price as a deciding factorCommoditising the brand

LearningsBuying into the category, not necessarily the brand

Cynical disbelief

Does not resonate with her life, the issues she faces

Result: Does not bond with the brand

A Moment of reflectionI have often wonderedHow can we create a mark?How can we make them see differently?What if we made them see but not through just their eyes?What if we made them see through their hearts

The Heart of a Woman

From Head to Heart- Heartscape brandsDefining HeartscapeSpace in a womans heart

Defining Heartscape brandsWhen the brand in her hearts eye takes the form of an entity, a relationship.

The power of the heartscapeInfluencers

Role of beauty in the heartscape

If beauty can trigger off strong emotions for a woman, there exists a powerful potential for creating strong heartscape brands for beauty products.

How can advertising help create heartscape brands?

How can we move away from picture perfect imagery to credible, achievable and a realness in beauty?

The lotus flowerEmbodiment of Simultaneous Cause and Effect

Complete the spectrumCause



How do we create a concept of achievable beauty that reaches out to her heart?Create a beauty definition that transcends looks

It is about action

Address issues close to her heartCelebrate her as a woman.

True beauty does not end with just an external payoff like appreciation for looks.The appreciation stems from what she does with her looks


Not replicable


Demystifying beauty- Cause and Effect

By using real women

By using real life scripts,

Where Beauty and brains coexistWhere Beauty is a means to an end and not an end in itself

1. Real womenin reel lifeDove in the U.KAs tested on real curves

Boots in the UKNo impossibly beautiful models

Women comfortable with their bodies

Realistic benefits



2. Real lifein reel lifeWhen beauty and personality go hand in hand

Beauty brands act as enhancers for confidence and self belief, leading to positive action

Real life advertisingHeart Insights Life scriptsHappy women


What women wantHalf the sky

Listen to her heartWhat appeals to her

What concerns her

What makes her smile

What does she dream of

What does she aspire for

What does she look for in life

The power of affirmative imageryMaking her believe in herself

Using beauty as a spring board for realizing her dreams- use it as her strength

When beauty is no longer a face value

Make her stand up and take notice

Reach out to her deepest emotion

Theres more to beauty than just beautyBeauty


Fundamental women truths

A powerfully expressed thoughtBreaking the category idiom

To ConcludeBeauty is a strength, to spur us to action in whatever we want to achieve and realize

Beauty is the means to an end

Its the end that determines a truly beautiful person

ReflectionsThree months in Bradford

Questioning myselfWhat do I want out of life?

Am I truly happy?

If not, what am I doing about it?

What is it that will make me happy?

Rediscovering myselfWhat I think of myself vs what others think of me

Wanting to make a differenceAs a professionalAs a womanAs an influencer

Life LearningsA beautiful person is one that wins the heart

Perfectionism can be a weakness

Identifying my leadership style

Respecting the team

Being aware of discrimination, however small

Being open to change

Friends can be soulmates too

Thanks to the beautiful women, who made me realize how special it is to be a woman

I go back to a new morning, a new beginning