Street Style: The Fashion of Today

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  1. 1. Street Style: The Fashion of TodayThe coming boom ofstreet style is changingthe fashion world todayas blogs all over theworld are featuring thevarying styles of theaverage Joes indifferent citiesespecially in the fashioncapital of the world. Thefashion magazines arebeing overshadowed bycost-free fashion blogsfeaturing people whowalk the streets withtheir own creative style.Perhaps one can arguethat it started withlookbook websites where members too can upload their photos wearing their ownstyles and fashion creativity.But the great thing about blogs with street style as their main theme is that the peoplethey post on their blogs are actually wearing the clothes on the streets. Unlike inLookbook where photographs were taken from places located in the middle ofnowhere.Street style has bravery to be seen by people even without bloggers taking theirphotographs. On the other hand, lookbooks are more focused on unrealistic fashionsense that only seems beautiful and attractive in photographs with the help of theenvironment where it was taken from.Today, people are following fashion blogs focusing on street fashion and are ignoringthe fashion magazines on newsstands or bookstores. People have found streetfashion blogs to be more efficient and practical as they dont have to pay a cent inorder to view the inspiring looks of others located in different corners of the globe.Being able to look at what the kids in Tokyo are wearing can be as quick and see witha single click.All one needs is an internet connection and everything will enfold in the screenmonitor to be seen conveniently by the person.The death of fashion magazines may be at hand since an enormous number of peopleare tuning to blogs which are commonly free online. But the professionalism,authenticity and life of the fashion industry still lives with the magazines thatdistributes the latest trend in fashion and hottest designers of the present times.The popularity of street style has given birth to contests as well. Wikifashionista.comis a rising website about fashion and they have launched a summer end street style
  2. 2. contest where the winner can take home prizes such as chic handbags and wonderfulpair of shoes.Anyone in the United States can join the contest and its also very simple. All thedetails can be found on this page: Show off your streetfashion style now and win!