Save Our Street Dog (SOSD) - Singapore Dog Rescue Organization Fundraising Playbook

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DESCRIPTION - Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) Charity Organization, (Singapore) - Fundraising / Outreach Program by Dr. Siew Tuck Wah, Irene Toh, Tony Tan, Vanessa Tan.


  • 1. Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) Charity Organization, Singapore September 2013
  • 2. Contents 1. Introduction 2. Background of SOSD 3. Milestones of SOSD 4. Our Organization Chart 5. Our People 6. What We Do 7. Use of Funds 8. Sources of Funds 9. SOSD Outreach Program 10.Rationale for Seeking Additional Funds 11. Funding Requirements 12. How Funds Will Be Used 13. How SOSD Can Help You
  • 3. Introduction How many dogs were put to sleep in 2012? 1,500
  • 4. Introduction How many animals were abandoned in 2012? 1,828
  • 5. Background of SOSD Small group of like-minded people (feeders and rescuers) came together with the purpose of pursing change and to advocate better welfare for street dogs in Singapore Group of 4-5 middle aged women came together and felt the need to establish a group to help street dogs. Each contributed SG$50 towards the startup of SOSD. Initially the funds were used to buy food for the stray dogs that the initial group of members were feeding SOSD faced a lot of obstacles and roadblocks which did not allow them to make changes to the animal welfare scene in Singapore unless it is registered SOSD proceeded to register as a society
  • 6. Milestones of SOSD Apr 2018 and beyond Sep 2013 Feb 2012 Repositioned as 23 Apr 2013 humane society Registered as a with interest in street dogs charity Registered as a society Jul 2011 SOSD was founded Aim to register as IPC and be the leading humane society in Singapore
  • 7. Our Organization Chart Dr. Siew Tuck Wah (President) TBA (Audit & Compliance) Vanessa Tan (Secretary) Tony Tan (Asst Hon. Secretary) ADAC team Irene Toh (Treasurer)
  • 8. Our Organization Chart ADAC Team Public Relations & Education Outreach SOSD Rehabilitation Centre Rescue & Operations Education & Outreach Volunteers Events Fundraising Training and Rehabilitation Re-homing & Fostering IT - Facebook, Twitter, website Logistics/ Transport SOS/ Medical Sterilization
  • 9. Our People ADAC Team Name: Dr. Siew Tuck Wah Designation: President Dr. Siew is an aesthetics physician practising at The Sloane Clinic since 2010. He is an avid proponent of anti-aging medicine and non-invasive aesthetics treatments with a special interest in fillers and lasers. With many years of experience in anti aging medicine, he has garnered the trust and support of his patients. Dr. Siew heads SOSD and he is involved in formulating national animal welfare policies by actively engaging with government agencies to redesign the policies which will enhance the treatment of strays in Singapore and integrating them into society. Name: Irene Toh Designation: Treasurer Irene is a full-time Mathematics tutor. She enjoys working with numbers and loves being around children. A dedicated home tutor, she has helped many children build their confidence in Mathematics. Irene is the Treasurer of SOSD. As a certified Internal Quality Auditor, she helps to set up proper documentation in accordance with the rules of Charity and IPC audit.
  • 10. Our People ADAC Team Name: Tony Tan Designation: Asst Hon. Secretary Tony is a business development manager in the bicycle industry and also a qualified cycling coach. Another role he fulfils is teaching. He teaches kids and adults how to ride. As Tony was a teacher in the past, he loves this aspect of his work. When his schedule permits, he writes motoring articles for The Straits Time and Torque publications of SPH. In SOSD, Tony manages a team of volunteers who handles all of SOSDs transport and logistics needs.. He keeps track of inventories of the charity and he is also the Assistant Honorary Secretary where he assists the President and administrative team with the day-to-day running of the charity. Name: Vanessa Tan Designation: Secretary Vanessa is the Subject Head (Information and Communication Technology) at Anglo-Chinese School (Primary). She has 12 years of teaching experience and is currently a Chinese Language teacher in the Gifted Education Programme., In SOSD, Vanessa is a management committee member wherein she is in charge of central database and statistics. In addition, she is also the coordinator for shelter volunteers and supports in the rehabilitation and training of dogs. She is also in charge of the Bukit Brown Cemetery Sterilization Project and supports the SOS team for dog rescue.
  • 11. What We Do Rescue Respond to SOS calls from public Help street dogs and abandoned dogs in distress Treat Send rescued dogs to the vet for checkup and administer the necessary medication Medical procedures include: sterilization, full body checkup and vaccination etc. Rehabilitate Our team of animal behaviorist will assess the dogs and provide necessary training to ensure that they are friendly to humans and other animals They ensure that bad behavior is minimized and train them to interact with people
  • 12. What We Do Re-home Our team of re-homers will actively look out for fosterers and adopters They will match the profile of the dogs we have on hand against the needs of the adopters or fosterers Redesign Government Policies Work closely with government agencies such as AVA, NEA and MOE to review and improve animal welfare policies in Singapore Public Outreach and Education To reach out to the public to change their perception on stray dogs and their behavior To tap into the education institutions and create awareness by understanding more about SOSD thereby allowing them to have a more holistic education
  • 13. Use of Funds Body Checkup and Sterilization New dogs brought into SOSD must go through a series of check ups May include vaccination Kennel Rental Large part of SOSD funds are used for kennel rental Almost 23% of the total costs needed to keep SOSD operational go to kennel rental Food For Dogs Food supply for kennel dogs is limited and we need to seek for food donation constantly About 4% of the total costs needed to keep SOSD operational are for food Operational Costs Electrical bills and worker salary etc Publicity Costs Funds are required to print flyers, brochures and any other advertising materials
  • 14. Sources of Funds Adoption Drives Featured dogs Ongoing public donation Sponsorships
  • 15. SOSD Outreach Program ADAC Team Public Relations & Education Outreach SOSD Rehabilitation Centre Rescue & Operations Education & Outreach Volunteers Events Fundraising Training and Rehabilitation Re-homing & Fostering IT - Facebook, Twitter, website Logistics/ Transport SOS/ Medical Sterilization
  • 16. SOSD Public Relations & Outreach Established in Sep 2013 to undertake the responsibility of reaching out to the public and education institutions and aims to stop animal suffering due to cruelty and other reasons. Public Relations Seek corporate sponsorship Originate fundraising events Establish close ties with other Animal Welfare Groups Education Outreach Work with education institutions to provide holistic education Establish CCA/ interest groups in schools relating to animal welfare
  • 17. Rationale for Seeking Additional Funds Number of rescued dogs expected to rise Rescuing more dogs because SOSD has become first point of contact for public Kennel food prices expected to rise Suppliers are increasing the prices of food Our order is also increasing due to the increasing number of dogs in kennel Veterinary bills are expensive With the increasing number of dogs SOSD is saving, vet bills are also expected to increase exponentially New initiatives Improve public s