Roscoe Boone Hall Adventures

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This was done orginally as a storybook for my friend , Sam, when he was 3 . I thought others might enjoy as well. I lost Roscoe because of an uneeded and unwarranted lyme disease vaccination. This was confirmed by internet researach,and the wisdom of my childhood vet, who refuses to give such shots to dogs, because of the risk of canine renal failure. Lyme disease is serious, but is only a real problem in NY and New England. In dogs in can be treated with simple antibiotics. PLEASE "investigate BEFORE you vaccinate. Roscoe ( and now ) Otis and I are fortunate to have a great friend who lets us visit his antebellum plantation. It is America's most photographed plantation. Otis and I go there whenever we can. Sadly, Jake the Black Lab passed away earlier this year after a brave battle with Cancer. I hope Jake and Roscoe are chasing Rabbits in the Elysium Fields together. Or at least, as Ernest Hemingway once said " it is pretty to think so". Bill Mc

Text of Roscoe Boone Hall Adventures

  • 1. The Adventures of Roscoe, the Jack Russell Terrier atBoone Hall Plantation The Avenue of Oaks at Boone Hall Plantation

2. Roscoe is my dog. He is also my best friend.Can you tell we are USC Gamecock fans? Roscoe has lots to do everyday. He patrols the yard and barks at any cat that dares to come close. 3. Chasing green lizards is a daily chore.We live near the beachRunning on the beach is lots of fun! 4. But Roscoes favorite place to visit is Boone Hall Plantation. Here we are at the Plantation House. 5. Little dogs cant go inside the house, but there are lots of beautiful things there to see ! Tour guides in costume tell visitors about the house and the history of Boone Hall. 6. Boone Hall is an historic plantation. It is located not far from our house. It is Americas most photographed plantation.Many movies have been filmed there. There are lots of things for a little dog to do at Boone Hall The Polo field has lots of room for Roscoe to run. 7. Theres broomstraw to romp through at the edge of the Polo field. Sometimes there is even a rabbit hiding there. Jake , the black Lab who lives at Boone Hall likes to explore With Roscoe too. Its good to have a friend to play with. 8. Jake is a good swimmer. He likes to swim in the Creek. Roscoe likes to swim too! 9. Theres even a fort to explore. It was built on the edge of the Polo Field. Once a year, Civil War soldiers from around the country fight a pretend battle there. Roscoe gets a good view standing on the ramparts of the fort. 10. There are also special friends to visit at Boone Hall.Annie Manigault makes sweetgrass baskets. Its an African skill, passed down from mother to daughter. Roscoe even got to hear a banjo music one day, 11. Roscoe made some new friends underneath an oak tree! Boone Hall is over 700 acres. There are lots of dirt roads to explore. Boone Hall Plantation grows tomatoes, strawberries and peaches and lots of vegetables. A plantation is a big farm. Boone Hall is a real working plantation. 12. Boone Hall grows pumpkins too. Before Halloween, people can come and pick their own pumpkin. Roscoe picked out a special pumpkin! Too bad it isnt real!I dont think it would fit in our truck anyway. 13. And what would Halloween be without a haunted house? This is actually a set built for the movie Queen that was filmedAt Boone Hall. I aint fraid of no Ghosts! 14. Jake is always sad when Roscoe has to go home. But , its getting late, and there will be new adventures At Boone Hall another day! 15. Roscoe is sound asleep after a long day at Boone Hall. Do you think he is dreaming about more adventures at Boone Hall? THE END You can explore at Dedicated to the inspiration for this story, Sam Gee. I wrote this story for Sam.where he was 3 years old. 16. Its always fun when Uncle Bill is around!,exclaimed Sam.Thats my job. I replied.And of course, the one and only, Roscoe the Wonder Dog. 17. Roscoe August 16, 2000-April 26, 2006 Roscoe died after a brief illnessOur pal Juan Perez buried Roscoe at Boone Hall, at a Site, known only to Juan and God.He will always be at the place he loved most.Annie Manigault has also passed since this was first written. Her family continues to show the sweetgrass baskets at BHP.She patiently answered all my dumb questions.She is also greatly missed. 18. Get ready for some stories from my new pal:Otis T. Perez McIntosh He has many adventures in front of him , at Boone Hall and wherever there is fun to be found! 19. Is Otis T a Gamecock ? Is Grits groceries ? Sam is excited about coming to Boone Hall with his new Sister , Tatum. Do you think they will have fun with Otis ? 20. My friends Buster, Viktoria and Rebekkah Eaddy found out that you can never can tell who you will meet at Boone Hall Plantation!No, thats not REALLY General Robert E. Lee, but he surely LOOKS like him! Buster wanted to know why Santa Claus had on a grey suit!You might , if you are very lucky , and look very carefullySee our friend, Wilie McRae, the Squire of Boone Hall himself! But look carefully, because Waldo is easier to spot than the Squire! 21. February 2007.Otis was one year old in March. He is guarding the ramparts of Roscoes fort. He has also healed a broken heart. 22. Otis is named for Otis MurphyOtis Murphy worked for my family for many years.And Otis T watches over me like Otis Murphy did. My uncle Junior Duke, who remembers the real Otis,said simply: You picked a fine nameOne day Otis and I showed a boy scout troop a good place to camp out out.The Scout Leader asked Are yall the Boone Hall Rangers?No, I said , we are just FOWs. Friends of Willie.