Preserving History With Anti Tarnish Material

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  1. 1. Preserving History With Anti-Tarnish Material How long would you expect a time capsule from 1795 to hold up in the future? Well, the 1795 Boston Time Capsule was recently opened, set on display for a limited time and is now placed back in safe keeping with new preservation materials. Get ready to take a trip back in time!
  2. 2. July 4th, 1795 Turning the clocks back to the time where Samuel Adams and Paul Revere were roaming the Boston area, a time capsule was placed into the Old Boston State House. The two American icons placed items in the capsule that they thought were important enough to preserve for future generations.
  3. 3. Fast Forward: 1855 Jumping 60 years ahead, the time capsule sat in the Old Boston State House until workers were renovating the building and found the box in a cornerstone. The contents of the box were cleaned, recorded and officials added their own items of importance from their time into the capsule. They transferred all the contents into a brass box for added protection and placed the new box into the same cornerstone.
  4. 4. Water Leak 2014 Maintenance workers noticed a water infiltration issue in the basement of the Old Boston State House and discovered the time capsule.
  5. 5. Restoration Process The items in the time capsule were carefully removed from the brass box and restored! Due to the fragile condition of all the items, state officials ordered the items to be protected by anti-tarnish material made from Corrosion Intercept technology.
  6. 6. What Was Uncovered? The time capsule contained a collection of coins dating back to 1652, newspapers, several pieces of paper and a sliver plate, just to name a few of the items inside the box.
  7. 7. The Future of The Items The time capsule was set back into the newer golden-domed state house with items from this generation. But with the use of the anti-tarnish material, the contents should be safe for even more future generations to enjoy. If state officials can trust anti-tarnish products made with Corrosion Intercept technology, imagine how well your precious metals and fine jewelry will hold up in regular storage!