Pay the right price for your amber jewelry

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  1. 1. Pay the Right Price for Your Amber JewelryThe natural amber stone can be categorized as an organic gem. It is not a mineral stone, buthardened resin of a tree. The amber stone has been used by man even before the ice age. It wasused for various purposes apart from Amber Jewelry. It was used as a good luck charm, for rubbingover wounds, etc. Various objects were carved on the stone as well; since it is soft, carving can bedone easily. The shape of moon, sun, flowers, etc were a common carving.The resin needs to be fossilized for over 30 million years for it to turn into an amber stone. Thenormal age of an amber stone is 30 90 million years, hence you can imagine how long it takes forthe stone to form. Often several plans and tiny insect matter are found inside the stone, they arecarefully preserved inside the stone. In several cases the insect or plant matter is perfectlypreserved, and is a primary attraction of the amber gem. Several small insects, bees, flies, spiders,etc have been trapped inside the resin, and preserved as they are. In rare cases flowers, leaves andeven tiny pieces of wood are found in the stone. If you would like to own a piece of Amber Jewelrywith a intact preserving inside it, you will certainly have to pay extra. Depending on the size of thestone, and the insect or flower inside it, the stone is priced, and can be much more expensive thanthe plain stone. Also, depending on the age of the stone the gem is priced. The older the stone, thebetter the quality of the gem, and the higher the price.While most of the people think of amber as being a brownish golden, but in fact, it comes in avariety of colors such as black, milky white, reddish brown, reddish yellow, etc. Green and blue-grayamber stones are very rare to find, and can be a bit expensive if found. Making a pendant, earring,ring or necklace out of these stones are really be a unique piece of jewelry in your wardrobe. The arevarious colors and thus you can choose the ones that suit you the best. With a little bit of researchonline and on a jewelry store near your house, you can find the ideal amber jewelry. Now you knowwhy amber jewelry is highly priced.