Lip smacking starter recipes

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  • Lip-Smacking Starter Recipes

  • Page 1 of 9Starters provide a gist of the whole meal and hence great thought should be put into them. Starters should be appetizing and should leave a room for the main course. Surprise your guests withscrumptious startersthat are easy to make and delicious.

    Beef pops with parsley sauce

    If youre of the notion that everything tastes better on a stick, then thisdelectable starteris the perfect option for you. Other ingredients that you need to make this are garlic, olive oil, Lip-Smacking Starter Recipes

  • Page 2 of 9pineapple, black pepper, sugar and chili flakes. This dish is best served with parsley sauce.


    A popular appetizer in France, tartine is also known as an open-faced sandwich. It is toasted bread topped with tomato piperade sauce, onions, bell pepper and eggs. Basically, this dish does not have any fixed recipe and you can experiment it by topping it with anything you like.

    Crostini Lip-Smacking Starter Recipes

  • Page 3 of 9Crostini areItalian appetizersliterally translating to little crusts. It consists of small grilled breads layered with various toppings such as meat, cheese, vegetables, olive oil. Originated in the medieval times, Crostini can also be topped with any sauce or herbs.

    Mini mushroom pies

    A hit at the buffets, mini mushroom pies are delectable and attractive. Key ingredients in this dish are flour, milk, butter, cheese,black pepper, garlic and sliced Lip-Smacking Starter Recipes

  • Page 4 of 9mushrooms. This vegetarian starter is definitely a crowd pleaser. You can also serve the pies on a stick.


    Originated in Turkey, Greece, Middle East and South Asian countries, Kebab comprises of pieces of vegetables, meat or fish grilled on a skewer. Opt from a range ofscrumptious kebabssuch as Hariyali kebab, Kakori Kebab, Paneer kebab, Shami kebab, Sutli kebab, etc.

    Toasted Ravioli Lip-Smacking Starter Recipes

  • Page 5 of 9This hot spicy appetizer is sure to make any party a hit.Key ingredientsin this appetizer are egg, milk, basil, ravioli, garlic, onion and tomato paste. Sprinkle parmesan cheese and serve with a warm sauce.

    Grilled Tofu

    A hot spicy appetizer made by grilled tofu is the perfect option for keeping your vegetarian guests and friends enthralled. Easy to prepare, this dish comprises of sliced tofu, garlic, lime juice and chili paste. Lip-Smacking Starter Recipes

  • Page 6 of 9Vegetarian chipotle nachos

    This crunchy dish layered with lots of toppings and garnishing is light and delectable. Originated in the kitchens of Mexico, key ingredients in this dish are bell peppers, nachos, beans, tomatoes, dried jalapenos, lettuce and onions. There is no fixed recipe for this dish and you can top it with any of yourfavorite toppings.


    A starter dish from Italy, Bruschettaconsists of grilled Lip-Smacking Starter Recipes

  • Page 7 of 9bread topped with garlic and oil. Toppings such as beans, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, basil, meat and cheese are also added to thisclassic appetizer. A number of bruschetta recipes are available online.


    Originated in China, wontons are appetizing and tempting. It is a type of dumpling made up of flour, eggs, garlic and green onions.Wonton soups are also a great option for serving your guests. Opt from a range of wonton recipes such Lip-Smacking Starter Recipes

  • Page 8 of 9as spinach and cheese wontons, Steamed pork wontons, cream cheese wontons, fried wontons, etc.

    Lip-Smacking Starter Recipes

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