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  • 1.June/July 2012Newsletter of the Feliciana Animal Welfare Society. FAWS, an all-volunteernon-profit organization, promotes the humane treatment of the animals ofEast Feliciana Parish. Visit us any time at http://www.faws.petfinder.com/ Make tracks tosee us at one ofour eventsPet Adoption Day Meet Patsy, who is singing the same Sunday, Oct. 2sad song as country Noon to 4 p.m.music legend Patsy Cline did years ago.PetSmart Patsy is the lone survivor of a1653 Millerville Rd. litter left to die. Her first rescuer decided she didnt want theBaton Rougesweet little kitten and was going to have her euthanized. FAWS stepped in and rescued her a second time. Patsy has already gone through 3 of her 9 lives and is now waiting patiently for a hero to step forward and give her the loving permanent home she deserves. Born around 5/20/12, Patsy is up-to-date with vaccinations . Her adoption fee is $40 which includes spaying. To rescue Patsy from a life of loneliness, call today 225-252-5138 or email FAWS.

2. WWW.FAWS.PETFINDER.COMWhere every day is Adoption Day!2COMPANION ANIMAL RESCUE & ADOPTION FOSTER ONE ANIMAL TODAYFAWS funds and equips the Foster Familys needs,including providing 10x10 chain link kennels, doghouses, collapsible crates, carriers, food, litter, routinevaccinations and all veterinary care.View all our pets onThe FAWS Foster Families need only provide the love FAWS Petfinder and security for animals awaiting adoption. Fosterthe virtual home of 357,813 one animal today and help us to save the lives ofadoptable pets from 13,753hundreds. adoption groups Visit our new foster animals athttp://www.petfinder.com/pet-FAWS Raises its Pawssearch?shelterid=LA217 to salute ourCats - Puma, Cheetah, Willow, Marley, Loki, Piper Wonderful Veterinarians! Dogs Jackie, Eddy, Toomy, Layla and Lillie (bothwho were previously adopted by foster parents)Baton Rouge Spay/NeuterClinton Animal Hospital Congratulations to these newly adopted petsEast Feliciana Veterinary ClinicCats - Grey Tabby, Cheetah, Feliciana Veterinary HospitalDogs Margie, Fatso, Alex, Auggie, Didi, Koby, Rosie,LSU School of Veterinary Medicine Sadie, Snowflake, Spitfire, Sugar Bear, Birdie,Lady Bug, Socks, Ash, Lemur, Elliot, Lady Bird,Rocky, Patrice Waldrop, FAWS Feline Management Project Manager and Head Catcatcher, sends this report about her latest exciting adventure. Volunteers are welcome to join the fun!Many thanks to our great cat wrangling team for another successful LSU Spay Day. Sue, Amy,Brittney, and I spent our entire Sunday with this event, not to mention taking three trucks to BatonRouge. Special thanks to Amy for not only spending her entire Sunday with this event, but also herSaturday night was spent trapping cats at remote locations. Julie adeptly handled the 6:00 a.m.signing in desk. Gail and family hauled cats early Sunday and returned them late Sunday night allover the parish, and then some. Thanks to Candice for setting traps and monitoring them.Our efforts resulted in 36 cats being spayed/neutered/4-in-1 vaccinated/and rabies vaccinated.We are getting close to finishing up the TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) of the 60-cat clan that islocated 3 miles north of Clinton. We spayed/neutered 6 of that cat clan this spay day. By our bestestimates, we still have about 10 unaltered cats left there. We have adopted out 13 of those 60cats and have 4 in foster care. This spay day we started with another large cat clan. That grouphas about 30 cats. We trapped 11 for this spay day.We are especially grateful to LSU Vet School for this excellent service and to Cat Haven fororganizing it all. A total of 120 cats were spayed/neutered Sunday. They gave FAWSapproximately 1/3 of their slots. Without this event, East Feliciana would have no cat program.TO CONTACT FAWS:Feliciana Animal Welfare SocietyP.O. Box 8633, Clinton, LA 70722 Phone: 225-252-5138 Email: FelicianaAnimalWelfareSociety@yahoo.com 3. 3Socks is so lucky! Julie Neider fell inlove with him when she saw him onPetfinder. So she drove from Metairiein horrible weather to pick up hernew puppy. He has a lot of newfriends to spoil him now.Snowflakemade a goodchoice whenhe pickedCarey Lauretand family tomove in with. Sadie (on the left) is another lucky puppy. She gets to live with Ashlei Smith and will hang out with Ashleis sister, who also has a cute little black dog.Spitfire is going to be withhis forever family around theclock. Doug and Bonnie Hinesadopted him to be theirbeloved family pet and willalso take Spitfire to work withthem at the St. Francisville FireDepartment. 4. Lovable Pets Find Forever Families! 4 Dax looked so cute on Petfinder that Andrea and Brian Smart just had to adopt him, even if it meant driving in bad weather to pick him up. Dax seems pleased as punch with his new forever family. Lady Bug (aka Lady Bird) got lucky to find a forever home with kids. Dianne, her new owner, sent this us thisupdate:Yesterday the grandkids came over and they had so much fun with her . . . . They threw her toys and she fetched happily until they were all out of breath. Then we turned on the hose and they all got wet and you know how LB performs with the hose...the kids thought she was so funny!Puma won the pet lottery whenAnnissa adopted the little exotic kittenNaila wasto help heal the broken heart of herrarin to goadult cat.home with andher newOne of Annissas cats, a 13-year old, parents, Cindypassed away recently and they loved and Josephhim so much they buried him in theirback yard, then marked it with a stoneand a new rose bush.Now their surviving adult cat sits on thegrave for several hours every day.Annissa and her husband find it toosad to see their mature cat without afeline friend. Puma looks like a realheart mender! View all our adoption-ready pets at WWW.FAWS.PETFINDER.COM 5. 5Birdie wasadopted byLogan Dixon ofBelle Chasse.He was soexcited to getBirdie that hecame rightaway topick her up.So he and hisgirlfriend madethe long trip to pick up Birdie.Elliot went to his forever home withAnd she was worth the trip, so sweet! Daniela Savaglia and her boyfriendfrom Shreveport. They came on Sundayto check out Dax and then couldntdecide which puppy to get. So, off theywent back to Shreveport. We got thecall Monday afternoon that they reallylike Elliot and wanted to come back onthe 4th. Seems like this is going to be areal good fit. Rocky moved to Kentwood after Terry Calmes and his wife saw his picture online. Rocky will beLemur, a cute little guy,living on an 85-acrecaught the eye of Robert and cattle farm. He canDonna Lowry from Gonzales. Theywork cattle if heleft their home to fetch him aswants to, but Terrysoon as they heard that he wassays its OK if Rockyready to leave his foster home.just wants to rideThey just couldnt wait to get their shotgun!new baby!Thats how Guy and Suzanne got him home in the first place. We love it when adult dogs get aThey have a bad case of puppy chance at the good life! love, which is a great thing.View all our adoption-ready pets at WWW.FAWS.PETFINDER.COM 6. 6Meet a few of the new FAWS kids on the block!View all our adoption-ready pets at WWW.FAWS.PETFINDER.COM