How to train a dog to do trick and commands

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    AND COMMANDS If youre a new dog owner, then you probably want to spend some time training your pet. Knowing how to

    train a dog to do trick and commands isnt always easy, but you can use these tips to help you get started.

    Shake Hands

    start this trick with your dog in a sitting position. Then say shake hands and gently take his paw in your

    hand, lifting it slightly above the ground. Continue holding the dogs paw and praise him. Then slowly release

    his paw and let it return to the ground. After youve done this several times over a week or so, continue saying

    the command, but dont take the dogs paw. Notice if he raises it by himself without any help. If not, he

    probably is still learning this command so keep on telling him the command and hell pick it up eventually.

    Playing Dead/Take a Nap

    This trick is a fun one for dog owners to teach, but it can take some time for your pet to learn. Start by

    encouraging your dog to lay on his stomach. Gently roll him over, and say nap time. Dont give your dog a

    treat yet, but do encourage him to lay there for a few seconds. Then say wake up to let him stand. Give him a

    reward after he stands back up so he learns the entire command. If youre struggling to teach this command,

    you can use a treat to lure him into a laying position. However, make sure to give him one at the end too.


    This trick is a great one to teach an active dog. If you dog doesnt pick up on this naturally, cut a small hole in

    a tennis ball or use a ball that can contain dog treats. Put the treats inside the ball and then show your dog what

    it has inside. Then toss the ball, commanding your dog to fetch. When you start teaching this trick, run with the

    dog to the ball and after hes gotten it, take the ball and give the dog the treat inside. Soon. the dog will learn

    that its supposed to get the ball and then bring it back to you for a treat. After the dog has figured out what he

    needs to do for a treat, start throwing the ball a few times at a time without giving a treat. What youll do with

    this step is giving him fewer treats so one day he wont need them in order to keep on fetching the ball.


    These tricks are some of the easiest ones to teach most dogs and most of them can be learned within a week.

    Not only are they great ways to teach some basic tricks, theyre also a good bonding activity and can help you

    get to know your pet a little better. Start by teaching your dog one of these tricks and then add the others as he

    starts to learn. Most pets are eager to please, so with a little encouragement and a few fun treats, you can easily

    teach your dog these fun tricks.

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