Fashion Styling 2010/2011

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  • 1. PORTFOLIO Sabine Nijssen Assignments 2010/2011

2. TOPSHOP SUMMER 2012 4 target groups, 4 responses to a mad world. DELIRIUMAPRIL11 3. When the world is madly spinning around I put on my pink glasses. I like to imagine a colourful place filled with craziness and laughter. Imagine1. WHITE PMS 604 BLACKPMS 2593PMS 226PMS 198 PMS 165 PMS 359PMS 376PMS 382 PMS 2728PMS 3405 To watch for: Bernhard Willhelm, Louise Gray, Yang Du COLOUR SWATCHES PRINTS & PATTERNS 4. When things turn bad I like to escape to a world far far away. It is filled with colour, peace, and happiness. Escape2. To watch for: Manish Arora, Meadham Kirchhoff, Josefin Arnel, Etro, Marni, Holly Fulton COLOUR SWATCHES PRINTS & PATTERNS 5. I dont like pretences. When it gets too crazy I stay home, hide from the madness, and forget everything. Its the simple things that suddenly bring so much joy. Hide3. To watch for: Wildfox, Heikki Salonen, Swedish Hasbeens, American Apparel, Craig Lawrence White PMS 615 PMS 295PMS 485PMS 163PMS 726 PMS 402 PMS 268PMS 2593PMS 180 BlackBlue 2746 WHITE COLOUR SWATCHES PRINTS & PATTERNS KEY ITEMS: Statement T-Shirts, Pyjama Blouses, Fur & Knits. 6. When the world turns mad I put on my red nose and play along. Dont call me a phony, I am bold and brave and dare to be stupid. FAke it4. To watch for: Walter van Beiren- donck, Sibling, Jaiden RVA James, Bernhard Willhelm, katie eary, Jil Sander COLOUR SWATCHES PRINTS & PATTERNS 7. Beeldende kunst is een grote inspiratiebron voor ontwerpers en mode is weer een belangrijk expressiemid- del voor kunst. Deze shoot zoekt het spanningsveld tussen kunst en mode op en probeert de grenzen tussen de twee te verleggen. EDITORIAL ID MAGAZINE December10 8. SIMULATING NATURE PROGNOSEBOEK Vorm, kleur, stoffen Beeldrijm 2010 9. FUTURISMARTS&CRAFTS 10. SPREKEND GEZICHT VERDIEPING IN PORTRET (tekenen) PEN, POTLOOD, EN COLLAGES December 10