Fashion Street Style of the Fashion Capitals of the World

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<p> 1. Fashion Street Style of the Fashion Capitals of the WorldFor the traveler, one cant help but notice the stylesoften seen in different cities especially if we aretalking about the biggest fashion capitals in the worldsuch as Paris, Tokyo and London. There is alwayssomething similar to their fashion street stylethatdistinguishes a city to the next.If you want to follow a certain fashion style then go ahead and log on to your internetand browse through the fashion street style of these big cities all over the world.ParisThe city of Romance is often close to the truth as the people here show their romanticside through their fashion senses. Walking around the city of Paris, you willencounter people who are dressed in a modern romantic way. The utilization of fursrange from the hairy bags that hang from a shoulder of a lady on the way to work in asleek felt dress and high-heels then of course you would women wearing eleganttrench coats with different types of fur for the coat collar and more, some are even ontheir shoes.Prints are also in play, from plaid to the brocade blouses and baroque printed ladysjacket dont forget to notice their teardrop heels. The style here will surely makeyou swoon.LondonA few of the British men would go for hip-hop with a slight flair of femininity. A fittedplaid printed shirt paired with skinny pants and seaside shoes over a man who bikesthrough to hang at the nearest park, the look wouldnt be complete without the 5oclock shadow hes sporting.The style here is generally comfortable and casual. You can easily see people wearingwhatever they want in chic colors combinations that make them stand from thecrowd. Comfy and easy clothing styles are what a lot of people are after.TokyoWelcome to the wild side of the fashion jungle at the other end of the world. Here,the kids are more adept with dressing with a rather funky style and the adults areaiming for the mature look that will give them a dashing appearance. From the youthliving I Harajuku, now only are their clothes color coordinated but their hair alsocome into play with style and different hues you wont see anywhere else. Girls arentput off with pink hair its cute! says a girl whos dressed in ruffled pink and whitedoll shoes.</p>