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Fashion Street Style Contest


  • 1.Fashion Street Style Contest Wikifashionista.comGreat news fashionistas! Affordable Scarves has signed on to be an exclusive sponsorof our End of Summer Fashion Street Style Video Contest. Itwill join other sponsor merchants such as Handbag Heaven, Sunglass Warehouse,ShiekhShoes and many more. A stylish accessory from Affordable Scarves will beadded to the grand prize to be given to the lucky winner of our contest. Our 2011street style contest will start at August 15, 2011 so be sure to check out our websitefor more updates. Below are some of our fall favorites from affordable scarves. Staylogged in for more information coming about the contest and the gifts you can win!Louisa Floral ScarfFloral will transcend seasons this year. If you are a girly girl then adding floral toyour Fall ensembles is a must. Like a vibrant bouquet of flowers, the Louisa FloralScarf at has a beautiful mixture of bright and pastel hues,making it the prettiest scarf around town. The Louisa has a crinkled texture that issuper trendy for all seasons. The extra long and wide shape allows you to weardraped on your shoulders or as a neck scarf.

2. Lori Crinkle ScarfGo bright and bold this Fall. A deep solid colored scarf is a must for the Fall season.The Lori Crinkle Scarf at has a lighter, summer weight, butcan be worn any season as the perfect finishing touch. The Lori has an ornate crinkleweave that adds both texture and stretch. This lovely scarf is available in pretty, jeweltones to liven up your look. 3. Phoebe Exotic ScarfAdd some color to that animal print. Although Fall is usually about darker anddeeper colors, lets not be boring. Keep the color in your wardrobe. Just because theweather is cooler does not mean that you have to fade to grey. Go wild with thePhoebe Exotic Scarf from! This lightweight scarf is perfect forwarmer months, and has an exotic snakeskin inspired print allover. Pair with yourfavorite top for a chic look. 4. Abigail Crinkle PashminaAdd fine fabric to your wardrobe. Every girl needs a fashionable pashmina scarf forher wardrobe. The Abigail Crinkle Pashmina from is theperfect way to add a bit of style to your fashion wardrobe without spending a fortune.Available in three classic colors, this scarf is textured to resemble your favoritesummer crinkle scarf. The lightweight material makes it a sensible wrap for chillysummer nights, or a knotted scarf on a chilly winter day.Keep it locked at contest to find out how you can win oneof these scarves and more prizes for your very own.