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  1. 1. Fashion Website Assignment Initial Research
  2. 2. Glamour Glamour always use the same font for the headline and articles and always use the same colour from the headline to the article writing. Glamour always seem to use pink or orange colour themes especially for the title and sub headings They often have their cover model to be against a white background.
  3. 3. Cosmopolitan This is a screen grab of the Cosmopolitan website. It is free to anybody that visits but you can join it to become a member. The website is similar to the magazine as the colour theme (pink) is the same but the layout is slightly different. There isnt many images on the website either.This is a recent cover of the Cosmo magazine. Its colour theme is pink and is used quite a bit. All of their cover models are against a white background and very often the models head will cover some of the cosmopolitan header. They use big bold writing to stand out on the cover. On cosmopolitan there is only one image and that is the cover model, no other images are used unlike other magazines. The website and magazine have the same features too.
  4. 4. More! This is a recent cover for More! Magazine. It is a lot different to other magazines Cosmopolitan and Glamour. The cover model used most of the time isnt from a professional photo shoot by the magazine, its normally from a red carpet event. Also there are more images on the magazine of other celebrities, models and clothes. Each magazine has a different colour theme, as you can see on this cover the colour theme is florescent green and pink.This is the website for More! Magazine. It is verysimple and minimal compared to its magazine. It uses the same font as the magazine but a different colour theme. It doesnt have many images compared to themagazine either.The contents in the magazine isdifferent to the magazines content.
  5. 5. Company