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9 Frame Analysis ED SHEERAN - DRUNK

Ed sheeran 9 frame

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9 Frame Analysis ED SHEERAN - DRUNK

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10.5-0.8 seconds

The first image was immediately used in the first 5 seconds. The Close up gives the Andrew Goodwins idea of “Star Image”. Showing the viewer who the artist is and what type of video it will be. The camera being focused on Ed while he’s doing an indirect mode of address, not noticing that there is a camera there. Him looking away helps give a viewer a curious view point on what he’s looking at.

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On this image Ed is in sync with songand tells a narrative as he opening a can of alcohol while he the lyrics say ‘I wanna’ be drunk’. This also shows Ed’s star image of him being casual; people know Ed Sheeran for his casual look. The close ups are also portraying Ed’s expression of being sad and wanting something else this is because of the photos in the mise –en –scene that show a female character is getting him depressed. We can see this as he is drinking a depressant drink to show his mood. Which is illustrating the lyrics. Also the colour of Ed’s jumper is a dark blue, the dark colours can be conjoint with his emotion in the song.

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The two frames help show Ed’s feeling due to the quick editing of cutaways the camera from the females face to Ed’s. The close up on the female gives the viewer a look on the female Ed is trying to forget about. This can also show a contrast of feelings showing Ed’s pain and her faceless expression. Ed’s feelings are shown in the background(mise-en-sene) with the photos behind him. However Ed is the main focus of the camera as he is the ‘star’.Moreover this can also show a flashback as it firstly shows Ed drinking the can, cutaways to the female of standing with Ed as it looks like we are his eyes and cuts back to Ed to show him forgetting about her. Hence the alcohol.

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4The close up high angled shot isa visual from Ed’s eyes looking down at the cat, this could show that Ed ishis owner. Also the editing on this clip can show that Ed is delusional as a cat cannot speak. The Editing of the text been used helps create the narrative. As a cat can be Ed’sclosest friend as a cat never leaves theirowners side. However this is not very stereotypical because normally various of people commentto say that Dogs are a man’s best friend, howeverEd is showing that he can be individual in a sense by preferring cats and being more emotionally sensitive.

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5This two shot is showing the stereotypical genre of Ed sheeran as he is indie folk by the acoustic guitars and showing the Andrew Goodwin star image of Ed Sheeran with the Mise – en –scene due to the guitars and the casual clothing which is recognised by the fans/audience. Moreover recognising the lighting has became bright. This is could show the lightening of Ed’s emotional state about the female character who has been expressed thoroughly from close angled shots. Also the Cats facial expression can actually show happiness with Ed’s music being played and the cat is looking up to Ed as he is the more dominated character. The song is about being intoxicated can show happiness so this could be a stage in the music video whilst they are ‘Drunk’.

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Another two shot is used again in this video. This image can show the bond between the Cat and Ed Sheeran. They look like best friends as they are playing video games together. However this can show the headline of being ‘Drunk’ imaging things that happen and pretending Cats can actually talk with edited white text of ‘we win’ at the bottom.Moreover the facial expressions of Ed can show the effects of being drunk, this is happiness. The audience knows that Ed is drunk by the lyrics ‘wishing I was sober’

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The close up here on the camera clearly states Andrew Goodwins theory of Star image.The image of the press photo’ing Ed is showing that he is now considered a celebrity in the world of music and is hassled by press everywhere he goes. It can also show that they are now a part of his life and even if he has love life the press will want to know. The next shot is the cat actually attacking the photographer this could mean the cat is trying to distract other people so Ed can have time to himself while he gets over the relationship .

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8This image is a montage on how the cat and Ed a are getting drunk quicker together.The lyrics of ‘Opening bottles of beer but never champagne’ can suggest in the narrative that he is not celebrating he is drinking away the pain. Champagne being more of a celebration drink.Moreover the shot showing is a two shot, extreme close ups on two to show they are drinking alcohol. This is also a split screen graphic match to show the alcohol flow between the cat and Ed.

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The slightly high angled shot shows that love heart breaking clearly states that Ed is heartbroken and that he has split up with his girlfriend. However the heart is being broke my the female. Stereotypically it is shown that normally a female is more emotionally sensitive than a male. This can show that the female is now in distress that Ed has started to smile and be more distracted with the cat being around.