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A Main Title Sequence designer and a director for film and television

Danny Yount was self-taught designer from America who was heavily influenced by the work of Kyle Cooper.

Yount is now one of the top main title designers for film and television working alongside Kyle Cooper himself at one of top main title firms, Prologue.

Prologue was founded in 2003 and used to focus on main title design but now does motion, graphics, Game and interactive design.

Catalogue of Work

Before Prologue Yount worked as a creative director at digital Kitchen where he

Designed the Emmy Award winning Six Feet Under. During this time at Kitchen he

Produced titles for films such as; Sherlock Homes 1&2, Iron Man, Rocknrolla and

The Book Of Eli meaning he has worked with the likes of Robert Downey Jr and

Jon Favreau.





Iron Man (2008)

Danny took the lead role in this title sequence using the theme a computerised game to be based on Tony Starks holograms in the making of the suit. The typography also appears in hologram/blueprint font while the background is just black so it brings out the full use of the hologram theme Following this title, Yount has also made sequences for all three of the Iron Man movies.

I pretty much just went through each film and found what I thought were the best scenes. We then categorized them into action scenes and lifestyle scenes. Then, we sub-categorized them editorially into match cut moments, like every time Tony Stark or Iron Man uses a certain trick or every explosion or every time you see beautiful women or cars



Sherlock Holmes (2009)

This films sees Yount working with Robert Downey Jnr again and the famous director Guy Richie, in another Blockbuster film. Again he has used a reoccurring theme in this title sequence, using the old fashioned feather and ink handwriting for the typography and old style paper of the Victorian era. Danny Yount was known for this style of taking small clips from films and then using a reoccurring theme through out the sequence. Just like Iron Man, Yount also made the title for the sequel.


I always experiment and I always push. That is what the client wants and it is what I am being paid to do. But if I ignore the brief, then anything I do becomes worthless to them.