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Costume Superstore

Fancy Dress Retailer & Ideas Factory

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Costume Superstore are more than just an online fancy dress shop.

We are an ideas factory!

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Stuck for ideas of what to go as to your next fancy dress party?

After reading flicking through this presentation, you won’t be anymore!

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Idea 1: Film & TVWhen it comes to Film & TV, the possibilities are endless….

Be your favourite action hero, comedy TV character or how about animated cartoon character?

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Idea 2: HistoryHistory is full of real characters so why not embody Cleopatra and Julius Caesar?


King Henry the VIII & his wives?

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Idea 3: Doctors & Nurses

Play it as saucy or as straight as you like….

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Idea 4: In The Navy

Nothing says ‘Hello Sailor’ like an In The Navy themed fancy dress party.

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Idea 5: Music Icons

Icons are usually famous for more than their music, so why not grab some crazy specs and go as Elton John or a Chelsea Bun bra and go as Katy Perry?

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Idea 6: Cowboys & Indians

Perfect for kids fancy dress as well as adults, Cowboys & Indians is a fun theme for all the family.

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Idea 7: Grease

From little kids to grown ups, everyone loves Grease.

Grab a Pink Ladies or a T-Bird Jacket and remember, Grease is the word!

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Idea 8: 1940’s WartimeWhether you want to be a land girl or a WREN or an officer or a pilot, 1940’s wartime Britain is a great fancy dress theme.

Dig up some of that wartime spirit!

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Idea 9: Nuns & Vicars

Probably best left to the adults rather than kids fancy dress, if you know what I mean?

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Idea 10: SuperheroesThanks to the huge popularity of the Avengers, the Batman Trilogy and the Marvel comics, superheroes are more popular than ever before.

Better call your character quick, you wouldn’t want a Batman vs. Batman showdown.

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Got An Idea, But Need A Costume?

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Visit our website:http://costumesuperstore.com.au