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  • 1. Popeye likes eating spinach.He loves OlivePopeye doesn t like carrots.He hates BlutoPOPEYE

2. RED KID(Lucky Luke)Red Kid has got a horse.He likes riding horse verymuch.He loves animals.Red Kid doesnt like DaltonBrothers.He dislikes bad people. 3. HE-MANHe-Man is a hero.He is strong.He has got a sword.He dislikes (doesnt like)bad peopleHe likes good people.He loves helping people.He likes fighting. 4. TOMTom is a stupid cat.He hates Jerry.He doesnt like mice.He likes milk and fish.He loves eating fish anddrinking milk. 5. JERRYJerry is a clever mouse.It hates Tom.It doesnt like running.It likes cheese very much.It loves swimming. 6. SNOOPYSnoopy is a lazy dog.It hates walking.It cant sing a song.It likes sleeping very much.It loves children. 7. BUGS BUNNYBugs Bunny is clever rabbit.He is funny.It doesnt like fish.It cant speak Turksh.It likes eating carrots verymuch.He has got big, white teeth.His favourite activity ishopping.He can play golf. 8. TWEETYTweety is lovely bird.It doesnt like Slyvester.It cant swim in the sea.It likes singing songs.It loves flying.It has got blue eyesand orange feet.It has got a cage. 9. SYLVESTERIt doesnt like Tweety.He is a bad cat.It dislikes playing violin.It likes fish.It loves milk.It has got a red nose,big feet and long tail.It can climb a tree. 10. GARFIELDIt dislikes working.He hates walking.It likes sleeping.It loves drinking hot milk.It can climb a tree.It likes eating lazenya.It has got a lot of friends.Garfield is a lazy cat.It is a clever cat. 11. GARGAMELHe dislikes Smurfs.He hates playinghopscoth.He has got a cat.Its name is Azman.He has got red shoes andblack dress.Gargamel is a bad man.He is ugly.He is old. 12. SPONGE BOPHe dislikes watching films.He cant fly.He hates sking and winter.He hasnt got friends.He is short and fat.He is happy.He likes swimming.He loves water.He can play guitar.He loves eating pineapple 13. CEDRICHe dislikes spinach.He cant play a flute.He hates drawing pictures.He cant do judo.He is a handsome boy.He is young.He loves skating.He loves Chen.He loves reading books.He is thin. 14. SPIDERMANHe doesnt like writing poem.He hates dancing.He is not old.He is a handsome boy.He is young.He can climp upbuildings.He is strong. 15. Kbra ULUKAVAKEnglish Language Teacher