Are Online Slot Machines Better Than Offline Slot Machines?

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1. Are online slot machines better than offline slot machines?Online slot machines are far better than offline slot machines. Theyre just as fun to play with like theoffline ones, but they have the upper hand compared to the latter due to convenience and better deals.Online slot machines came into existence when online casinos started emerging. In the mid 1990s, theinternet was becoming a medium or venue for a lot of things. Businesses started going online toadvertise their products and companies as well as to take orders from customers who want to purchasetheir products online. People started contacting lost friends or family members through the internet andthe virtual plane started creating social networking sites for this kind of thing. So it wasnt such asurprise that the gambling industry would follow suit and have their games be played online too. Whenthey did enter the internet they brought with them a wide array of gambling games punters lovedplaying and these were: blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat and of course slot machines.The online poker machines also became a huge hit amongst punters and every casino on the internetcarried their own barrage of poker machines numbering into the hundreds. The mechanics of the gameis similar to the offline poker machines, wherein a player has to push the button to activate the reelsand when he gets a row of matching symbols he wins, but if he doesnt then he loses. But what makesonline pokies much better than their land-based counterparts is the convenience of playing them insideyour home. Back then players had to book a flight to Vegas for the big-jackpot slot games, but nowpeople from around the world could play with their favorite slot machines at home and they will stillwin a huge jackpot if their luck prevails. So no need to fly to Vegas or Atlantic City because you onlyneed to go online to win that huge jackpot.Another thing that sets online pokies apart from the land-based ones is their higher payout percentage.This percentage refers to how likely a punter will win if he plays with a slot machine. In real casinos,the payout percentage is around 80% to 88%, while in online slot machines the payout percentage isaround 95% to 98%. Evidently, online pokies are more likely to give you cash rewards than offlinepokies and justifiably so, because online slot machines have lesser overall costs than their land-basedcounterparts. Online poker machines do not have to pay for rent because the internet is totallyintangible and the only thing they have to pay for are servers that will operate their programs, whichare much cheaper than paying for a lease in a property. Also, online pokies do not have to payemployees because all of the programs in an online casino are computer-operated.Another thing is that online slot machines are constantly competing with other slot games on theinternet so all of them are trying to attract customers or keep their existing customers. One way to dothose things is to give out more bonus deals, promotions and/or higher-paying jackpots. Check onlineand you will see almost all online casinos and slot machines offering a hundred and one bonus deals tocustomers. That makes it too hard to ignore them, which is why online slot machines are definitelybetter than offline slot games.Authors Bio/InfoCraig Chaimbers is a freelance writer whos been writing reviews on online pokies and casinos formore than four years now. He is an amateur gambler too with a bit of luck every now and then, but withemphasis on bit. Otherwise, he wouldve turned to gambling full-time rather than writing reviews for aliving.