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  1. 1. AmberLaine - Fashionable Jewelry and StylesAmber Laine offers stylish, high quality, and affordable jewelry for every age group. Our collectionincludes fashion jewelry and gemstones that range from imported amber, authentic Turquoise Jewelry,sterling silver, and gold to cubic zirconia, crystal, and more. We have also added high quality jeweledTrinket Boxes and jewelry boxes to our collection. Our goals is to deliver modern jewelry thats trendy,beautiful, and unique!We offer the best selection of Amber Jewelry youll find anywhere. Check out our Amber Specialty Shopfor a page dedicated to this organic gemstone. Our amber is always 100% natural and is imported fromthe Baltic.Amber Laine is now carrying trinket boxes. These Swarovski crystal Trinket Box, also known as: jewelry(jewellery) boxes, enameled boxes, Faberge style boxes, and keepsake boxes, are hand molded andcasted from pewter, brass, or other metal alloys into unique collectible shapes.The jeweled boxes have a strong magnetic closure which is easy to open, while closing firmly. The boxescome in a veritable rainbow of colors, and a huge array of shapes. From sea life, cats, dogs, birds,reptiles, turtles, frogs, butterflies, bugs, dragonflies, bumble bees, fashionable shoes, French antiquetelephones, flowers, sail boats and ... well you get the idea, these boxes come in a lot of shapes, sobrowse through our collection, and hopefully youll find that perfect collectible!