Amber Jewelry – Fit For the Kings

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  1. 1. Amber Jewelry Fit For the KingsAmber earrings, brooches, bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants or sets, they are all indeed a luxury thatmakes everyone feel and look like royalty. For several years, amber jewelry was considered jewelry thatwas only meant for noble or royal people, and could not be afforded by the common man. Now, timeshave changed and the common man can afford Amber Jewelry, and fully appreciate its beauty. Thereason for ambers popularity for ages is because not only it is a beautiful stone, but also it was believedthat it would bring good luck to the wearer and cures depression. The stone is also known for its healingproperties.Unlike what many think amber is not a true gem it is fossilized tree resin, which is completely organic.Due to its organic nature, it sometimes has small animal or plant substance in it also. Amber is a stonethat ranges in color from brown yellow to orange and yellow. There is a variety of colors to pick fromwhen it comes to Amber Jewelry and one can easily get a stone that matches their skin tone and taste.This beautiful stone has inspired thousands of jewelry designers to create delicate and intricate work ofart.