6 Smart Home Remodeling Tips

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1. 6 Smart Home Remodeling Tips as featured on frontdoor.com 2. Theres no guarantee that the dollar you spend on remodeling today will come back to you if you have to sell your home. Try these six steps for spending remodeling dollars wisely no matter what the project. 3. 1. Match Materials to the Neighborhood Using low-end remodeling nishes in a high-end neighborhood diminishes your homes value, and putting high-end nishes in a lower-priced neighborhood wont push your homes sale price much above the last sale price. 4. 2. Do the Job Right If you cant do professional quality remodeling work, hire someone who can. Nobody pays top dollar for amateur workmanship. 5. 3. Blend in With the Neighbors If you over-improve, youll get less at resale. Would you pay full price for a mansion located in a trailer park? 6. 4. Think Timeless Todays trendy remodeling nish choices are tomorrows dated decor. Even a beautifully executed remodeling project fades in value over time. Brass bathroom xtures, anyone? 7. 5. Finish Existing Space First A remodel that turns storage areas (think basement or attic) into useable space trumps adding completely new rooms. Its cheaper to nish existing spaces than add new ones. 8. 6. Make Sure Additions Arent Really Subtractions A third bedroom transformed into a walk-in closet might bring you bliss, but it eliminates a bedroom and will lower your home value at resale.