5 easy guest room remodeling ideas

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  • 1. 5 Easy Guest Room Remodeling IdeasMost homeowners spend huge money and time for home remodeling in Los Angeles. They aretaking on remodeling projects to improve what they've already got. Recent statistics by Houzzsuggests that $19 billion was spent on home improvement projects in 2013. So, shabby andcluttered bathrooms and kitchens are a thing of past. In a quest to remodel the kitchen or bathroom,the guest rooms often gets neglected. If you want to give serious attention to the guest room anddesign it in the best way, then consider these steps to make it look more appealing and welcoming.Give a brand new look to the walls and flooring: Check the condition of the flooring and thewalls of the room. Painting is one of the easiest and affordable way to remodel your walls. It cancreate fresh and bright ambiance instantly that your friends or relative staying in that room willdefinitely like. For flooring, check the condition of the carpet, if it is stained or worn, replace it witha new one. For hardwood flooring, adding a new rug to give a warm touch.Choose a color that will match to the whole decor: Choose a color for the room that will wellcompliment to the sheets, comforters, throw pillows, windows, and chairs. A unified and attractivecolor scheme looks elegant and it will make your guests feel very special.Increase the storage space: If someone is coming to your home, then he/she might stay for alonger time. So, no matter how many number of days your guest's going to stay at your home,creating a larger storage space for their clothing and personal items always makes them feelcomfortable.

2. Make an attached bathroom: Usually no one likes to walk down a long hall to the bathroom. So,make an attached bathroom in that room. If there is not enough space for a convenient bathroom,then make some space for a small bathroom within the room. Your guests will appreciate it. It alsocuts down the chances of crowding in the existing bathrooms during parties and get-together.Provide all the equipment: Your guests will feel good if the room is equipped with TV, phone,magazines, PC, books, fresh flowers, etc. Any of the following additions to your guest room will bemuch appreciated by all visiting guests.All these arrangements will make your guests comfortable. They will love the comfortable environment. So,go ahead, give your guests a good experience at your home. Some quick and simple remodeling work canmake all the difference.