10 ways to make money

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Ten interesting ways to make more money

Useful tips and tricks to help boost your income1

Sell your old clothes for cash

Clear out your wardrobe and sell clothes on sites like eBay to get a quick fix of cash2

Sell your holiday snaps online

If you have digital snaps with decent resolution, try selling them to online agencies like Fotolia3

Rent out your car parking space

Rent out a private, car parking space using JustPark, a frustrated commuter will surely snap it up


Become a life model

Most universities look for models of all varieties for their art classes, you could earn up to 10 an hour


Swap empty ink cartridges for cash

Trade empty ink cartridges in for cash at places likeThe Recycling Factory or Cash for Cartridges 6

Let out your spare room

Hire out a spare room in your house to a lodger. Money Magpie has some useful advice on this7

Rent out your yard to campers

If you live in a rural area and have a large back garden rent out your lawn to campers on Airbnb8

Become a hangover helper

Help hungover folk by delivering food etc. for a fee.Advertise your service on sites like Gumtree


Rent out your shed or garage

Rent out an unused shed or garage. Check out Share My Storage for more details


Turn your hobbyinto a business

Create greeting cards, bake, paint or even make beauty products to sell on sites like Etsy


Looking for moreincome-boosting ideas?

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