10 Things I've-Learned In My40s

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<ol><li> 1. ' T| H]| ][N]@I'VE LEARNED IN MYLEARNED TO SAY NOThat's a magic word when it comes to your your focus stay focused on your goals and learn to say NO to all distractions on your wayLIVE LIKE YOU WILL LIVE FOREVERMake sure you spend at least 1-2 hours per day EVERY day to take care of yourself - exercise,swim,run,meditateALWAYS RIGHTI have learned to trust my feelings along the way there is no such thing as second thoughts -trust your guts feelingWAITING IN LINEFOR LUNCH IS DUMBI have my time planned - and have no time to spend waiting in line for things - fancy your time not your stomach! SUCCESS IS NOT THE MONEY YOU MAKEIt is the happiness you experience from changing your and other people's lives for better - your family,your friends,your community,your country, the Planet EARTH and who knowswho else - be happy! ssev. corn/TAKE IT ALLWhen I was 20-ish I was enjoying life as much as I can - now I know I can do much betterPOSITIVE PEOPLECHANGE THE WORLDI choose my private social environment ONLY from people who pass myPOSITIVE test - who think positive for themselves and who strive to make other people's lives betterWAKE UP EARLYDon't waste the SUN energy - go out,charge yourself and make the world a better placeEQUILIBRIUM ISA MAGIC STATE OF MIND EQUILIBRIUM is the God's will.Find your equilibrium and make sure you keep it balanced and glowing - the fruitsof it are the sweetest in the world! WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE ONE DAY (HOPE THIS WILL NEVER CHANGE)I can scale money,people,businesses,things - but I cant scale time - and this is the most precious resource I have and the fact that it is limited makes it all much more joyful take the most of each secondand each breathCreated ByRevolutionary time-tracking http: //www. adaptrm. com/ 40$</li></ol>