10 Steps To Plan Perfect Wedding

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This infographic is on 10 steps to plan perfect wedding for bride and groom based on my experience working as a event planner at Long Island wedding venue, Leonard's Palazzo.

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  • 1. 10 Steps to Plan the Perfect Wedding1. Plan Your BudgetIts a tough planning your weddingwithout deciding the budget sofirst. Put together temporarybudget figures first as a way tolook for the wedding venues andservices that will fit within thisbudget. Last year's average costooff aa wedding was a $28,427, witha per person average cost of$204. That doesn't mean youhave to spend that much but it isan indication of just how much awedding reception can cost.2. Set a DateOnce your budget is establishedit's time to start making decisionsabout choosing a date. This datewill determine the timetable fororganizing every single event inthe process. It will be the firstthing guests; vendors and every-oneelse will want to know. Thinkof the seasons, vacation time andholidays that may impact yourguests. Plan at least a year and ahalf in advance because venuesbook up fast.3. Start a Guest ListThis is one of the most difficultparts of the process becauseyoull want to invite everyone youknow to the wedding and youcant invite more people than youhave to spend. Start by includingthe most important people in yourli life without worrying about theactual number of guests. Thinkmore about not neglecting anyone. Once you are sure you haveincluded everyone place them incategories prioritized by ordersimportance. Eliminatingnames from the bottomup until you get to thenumber of guestsyour budget cansup port. You nowhave your maximumguest count.4. Choose a VenueNow that the first three tasks arecompleted its time to start nar-rowingyour search for the perfectwedding venues. Its fine to takeadvice from your friends andfamily with experience but dontneglect your own research. Todayso much information is availableonline its easy to contact Ban-quetHalls were researching rightfrom home. You may want to con-sidera venue that you that youlike and may offer amenities andconveniences for your guests.Contact them and ask for avail-abilityon the actual day of thewedding, but go no further untilyou visit the venue to make surethe place is well equipped tomake your wedding party amemorable affair5. The Wedding DressRelax! Now is the time go shop-pingfor a wedding dress oneof the most exciting parts of thewhole wedding preparation pro-cess.Research design ideas getas much knowledge as possibleabout dresses and trends fromwedding magazines before youstart shopping. Try to avoid themistake of bringing an entouragewith you. Dealing with 10 differentopinions will make it much harderto come to a decision thats rightfor you. 6. Bridal GiftsDeciding on your bridal party giftsis similar to planning a wedding.Make a list of the names, deter-mineyour budget and start brows-ingthrough all the online stores.To get ideas Think of your friendsfavorite colors, hobbies andthings they like to do for fun.7. VendorsChoosing the right Vendor cab bequite time-consuming if you arenot sure what you are looking foror how to make certain the Vendorwill deliver what you want. Thereare three ways you can do this.Hire a wedding planner, contacteeaach vendor yourself or work withyour venues planner, they knowall the local vendors and havepersonal experiences with them..8. PhotographyThe photographs of your weddingday you will deliver beautifulmemories for the rest of your life.To capture these moments youllwant to book the best weddingphotographer you can afford.Whatever your budget do not over-lookthe personality of the pho-tographerit can make or breakthe day. If you are on a budgetyou are better off spending yourmoney on the merits and qualityof the photographer rather thanon expensive albums anotherphotographic products. Those canalways be made later.9. MenusHigh quality Banquet Halls will workwith you on menu planning, espe-ciallycatering halls in Long Island.Try to find the happy medium be-tweenwhat you would please yourguests and how much you canafford. Many couples lean towardsa menu typical of the culture of thefamilies, thats fine but dont be shyabout experimenting.10. TransportationChoosing the right transportationvendor is critical. Being punctualand reliable along with possess-inga detailed knowledge of thelocation will assure you and yourbridal party will be on time forevery planned event of the day.HHeere again, your venue plannercan be of great help.LEONARDS PALAZZO555 Northern Blvd, Great Neck NY | 11021 | www.LeonardsPalazzo.com | 516-487-7900