10 most popular handbag brands

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Handbag is a most essential fashion accessories today and world's most prominent fashion labels launch their designer handbags collection gradually. Here is 10 most popular brands known for their handbags collection. Here brands are listed according to their revenues, brand values, social media engagement and other parameters. I also try to put some facts about handbag and fashion accessories industry with little fun.


  • 1.10 Most Popular Handbag B R A N D S

2. Founded in 1941 Origin in USA 602 outlets in US and Canada only 12000+ employees In 1999 Online store launched 5.2M facebook fans 548K followers in Twitter 3. Founded in 1854 Origin in France Worlds most valuable luxury brands by 2012 $28.4Billion- Brand Value By 2013 16M facebook fans 133K followers in Twitter 4. F Founded in 1909 Origin in France 1270 employees by 2010 Presence in 310 locations Revenue 6.3 billion by 2012 11M facebook fans 4.67M twitter followers 5. Founded in 1921 Origin in Italy 278 stores worldwide(2009) Biggest selling Italian brand $12.1 billion brand value in 2013 Ranked 38 most valuable brand 2013 by Forbes 6. Founded in 1948 Origin in Paris, France 1800 stores across the globe Revenue 454 million euros by 2012 10.4K followers in Twitter 1.1M facebook fans 7. Founded in 1913 Origin in Milan, Italy Presence at 250 locations worldwide 11500 employees in 2013 Ranked 72nd in interbrands top 100 most valuable global brands by 2013 3.7M facebook fans 95.2K followers in Twitter 8. Founded in 1837 Headquarter in Paris, France 8370 employees by 2010 Hermes made scarf worn by Queen Elizabeth II in a portrait for a 1956 british postage stamp 1.7M facebook fans Revenue 2.401 billion in 2010 9. Founded in 1971 Origin in Somerset, England Revenue 168.5 million in 2012 British Knitting & clothing export council award in 1988 273K facebook fans 254K followers in Twitter 10. Founded in 1984 Owned by LVMH group 1.4M facebook fans 1.57M followers in twitter Perry Ellis award winner for new fashion talent 11. Founded in 1981 60 state of the art stores in North America CFDA womenswear designer of the year award in 1999 13M Facebook fans 1.97M followers in Twitter 12. Facts With Fun Handbag is accepted as Must Have fashion Accessory Handbag leads the female fashion accessories market worldwide Handbag is the second highest contributor in world fashion accessories market share According to Allure magazine, Every American woman owns 10 handbags 13. www.thbaker.co.uk Facebook.com/thbakerstores Twitter.com/thbakerstores Designed By