10 Italian Words That'll Make Your Knees Bend

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Text of 10 Italian Words That'll Make Your Knees Bend

  • 10 Italian Wordsthatll make

    your knees bend


  • 10 Italian Wordsthatll make

    your knees bend


    We all sing a cappella in our shower rooms; weve all eaten al fresco, ordered a pizza from our favorite pizzeria, ordered broccoli, spaghetti, cappuccino, and the strongest

    shot of espresso thereafter. If you are not a foodie like I am, you probably love algebra, and if math is not your thing either, at least youve heard of influenza, pellagra, or at

    some point had a medico book you for malaria. Yes, you can cheat your luogo nativo (birthplace) by saying a few Italian words like its your madrelingua (mother tongue). More often than not, we utter these Italian words without even paying tribute to their

    origin. Italian is sweet, unquestionably sweet, and perhaps thats why propaganda is also sweet to the ear. You have probably heard of one Lupe Fiasco, the American

    rapper; the word fiasco doesnt imply anything closer to smart, witty, or genius, but it made it to his name. How else would you explain that? It only gets us back to

    where we startedItalian is sweet. And here are words in Italian that are just the sweetest!

  • Esofagodermatodigiunoplastica The longest Italian word which refers to a type of surgery performed following the excision of

    oesophagus and stomach

    who would have thought that such a nice word can be so nasty!

  • Che barba! Literally, Che barba translates to What a beard!"

    but actually it's mainly used to mean What a bore! Its dropped when something is boring,

    irksome, and mind-numbing.

    but we like beards anyway!

  • Mi fa cagare! Means exactly: It makes me poop but English

    speakers would hardly go beyond Thats awful.

    good to know!

  • Basta! No one says "enough" as

    gracefully as Italians!

  • FiguratiAn Italian will say these words to look nice when actually hes mad at you or

    at what you did.

    how very nice of them!

  • Prendere lucciole per lantern The words imply that you are

    slow and not as intelligent.

    well you obviously are not!

  • Sono brillo Thats what Italians say when you're tipsy.

  • Guanto Guanto is Italian slang for

    Condom whose appropriate word is preservativo.

  • Ti Amo Simple, but sufficient and

    extremely effective "I love you".

  • In bocca al lupo Thats how the Italians wish

    somebody's luck before a journey

    absolutely makes me wanna go there!

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