10 fun things to do while camping

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  1. 1. 10 Fun Things to Do While Camping Summer is in the air! I'm sure you feel it too! But what's not to love? This is the time where we can enjoy the season and of course, the weather. (Just make sure to bring your stylish hats to prevent heat strokes.) Aside from going to beach or resorts, you can definitely enjoy your summer vacation through camping. Yes, camping as in tents and bonfires. Cool isn't it? But sad to say, not all of us here want to go on a camping. Perhaps, they can't think of some other ways to enjoy the camp, other than installing their tents. However, if you are one of those people who want to try new things, camping is recommendable for your summer activity. Camping doesn't let you enjoy and have fun, but this is also one of the many where you can have a great and memorable moments with your family and friends. Well, if you are planning to go camping in Pampanga Philippines, then you might want to consider doing these things for you to more fun. 1. Start a campfire
  2. 2. This is one of the common things to do for most campers. Of course, you will be amazed by the beauty of a campfire. Well, you can do something such as truth or dare, music jam or even cook your favorite dinner while having a camp fire. I'm sure, you will love the sight of it. Just make sure to observe safety at all times. 2. Practice yoga If you think that you can't do yoga in an open space, then you better think again. In fact, there are more benefits you can get when you do yoga while on your camping. For some reasons, you can definitely reconnect with Mother Nature. Of course, not just nature, but you will also enjoy how peaceful and satisfying it is to do yoga. 3. Tell scary stories around the fire
  3. 3. Some of you here might not be convinced on this since they think that telling scary stories are so last year. But don't you know that it is also one of the things most campers love to do? Well, you can share old scary stories with them and see how they react to it. isn't it exciting to see their reactions? (haha) 4. Go for a bike ride There's nothing beats a ride when you do it in a place where you can find serenity. Of course, you got to feel Mother Nature while on your ride. Moreover, you don't need to worry about the pollution since all you can think of is the cool summer breeze. Who would not like to experience it, right? 5. Go on a photo walk This is also one of the many ways you can practice your photography skills. Of course, since the scenery
  4. 4. is breath-taking, you would not want to miss taking a picture of the place. I'm sure you'd definitely love to stroll around and find some nice spot for picture taking sessions. 6. Take a nap in the middle of the day I'm sure you definitely love to do this thing. Considering the fact that most of us here are stressed from work or from school, all we want to do is to unwind in a relaxing and beautiful place away from work, noise, and other pollution. You can even set up a hammock and take a nap. 7. Take a bath in the lake Aside from the beach, you can also go swimming in the lake. It's way more fun since you can definitely
  5. 5. enjoy how nature would really bring us satisfaction and contentment in life. Agree? Take time to explore the lake, I'm sure you will also love to splurge yourself in. 8. Stare up the stars and try to point out the constellations This might sound cheezy and boring for some, but this is also one of the things most campers love to do. Just for a night, try appreciating simple things such as starring up the stars. With that, you will definitely appreciate how wonderful our Creator is. 9. Try to make a fire by rubbing two sticks together I'm sure not everybody knows how to make a fire by rubbing two stick. I'm guilty of this too. But when you go for camping, this is also one of the perfect times to learn and experience camping routines. I know, it's definitely fun and exciting.
  6. 6. 10. Learn to play a game Whether you realize it or not, there are actually thousands of games you don't know yet. This is the time where you can have an extra time for it. Of course, you are on your vacay and I'm sure you have the time to learn some of the fun games during your childhood days.