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  1. 1. Our mission at Corporate Insiders is to get the information you need in order to improve your Business. Our finely tuned evaluation methods go beyond the surface of your Operation and give an accurate insiders view of what is really going on within your Organization or Department. Our Mission
  2. 2. Founder was a Business Consultant in London during early 2000s. Concluded that presence alone altered accuracy of results. Employees changed natural behavior, followed processes differently and kept certain information to themselves. Sent in an Insider who unearthed totally different information which pinpointed a number of problem areas. Developed an action plan with leadership to introduced corrective measures and improve key problem areas. Back Story
  3. 3. Today Pride ourselves on level of customer service and partnership Get the information you need to improve your business in a timely and discreet manner Confidentiality Guaranteed Changing the Mystery Shopping Game for the better Improving Sales performance for over 1000 small to mid size businesses Quality assurances with every step of the assignment Access to a dedicated Operations Manager 24 / 7
  4. 4. 3 Undercover solutions
  5. 5. Ensure right team and managers are in place Promote the right candidate Play to peoples strengths / recognize areas for coaching Increase employee engagement and satisfaction Increase office efficiency Improve quality of work More of the Good
  6. 6. Recognize systematic problems and inefficient processes Improvements that eradicate inefficiency and increase profit Managers not getting the best out of their staff Reduce office politics and eradicate unnecessary drama Understand the ground floor culture and its impact on Company Collect evidence for corrective measures or lawful dismissal Less of the Bad
  7. 7. Multilayered screening process / aptitude testing IQ, EQ, PI index Selected for their Charisma, Intelligence and Leadership skills Qualifications and work experience that match the hired position Full background story that avoids suspicion Complete tasks and responsibilities of hired position Temp worker that provides insider reporting and observations Selecting the perfect insider
  8. 8. Proprietary training program customized for each assignment Organizational psychology and office dynamics OBJECTIVE reporting and evidence collection Job specific training just like any other new employee MSPA certification required Insider Training
  9. 9. Built with your collaboration and valuable input Objective at all times personal opinion not a factor Various formats to best match the information required Audio / Visual if required Weekly, monthly and completion reports Ongoing status meetings Custom built reports
  10. 10. Key component to everything that we do All contractors trained to avoid detection Strict employment and legal agreements enforcing staff confidentiality Corporate Insiders does not name past or present clients All billing under a different business name Confidentiality
  11. 11. Each assignment 100% tailored to match YOUR needs Customized reports that get the information you need Candidates filtered through over 100 categories to find the perfect fit Candidates with retail experience, qualifications and industry experience Proprietary training program and MSPA certification. Mystery shopping the Right way
  12. 12. Unique reports built with your collaboration to get the information that really matters Quantifiable information from a shopper that matches your target customer demographic Actionable information that allows you to make informed changes Objective reporting that goes beyond what is on the report Discuss the results in detail leave nothing open to interpretation Information that matters
  13. 13. Experienced sales consultants pose as potential customer Consultant observes sales team and process in their natural state Step by step evaluation documenting every detail of every interaction from first contact to follow up on proposal Understand your teams strengths and weaknesses In-depth analysis report outlines where improvements can be made and what changes can be implemented to improve results. 360 review of sales process
  14. 14. Phone: 1.888.551.9969 Email: info@CorpInsiders.com Contact Today for a free Consultation