Top Ted Turner Quotes Everyone Needs To Know - Founder of CNN

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Ted turner is an American billionaire who is better known for founding CNN. He is also known for his philanthropic endeavors. Here are some of his best quotes on success, entrepreneurship and life in general. Enjoy the best of Ted Turner success quotes

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  • 1. TEDTURNERSUCCESSQUOTES" I intended to get to the top.

2. Ted TurnerNet Worth:$2.2BFounder:CNNAge:75 3. I just love it when peoplesay I can't do it, there'snothing that makes me feelbetter because all my life,#1people have said that Iwasn't going to make it. 4. #2You can never quit. Winnersnever quit, and quitters neverwin. 5. #3I didn't care what, or howmuch adversity life threwat me. I intended to getto the top. 6. #4I've never run into a guy whocould win at the top level inanything today and didn'thave the right attitude, didn'tgive it everything he had,wasn't prepared, and didn'thave the whole programworked out. 7. Early to bed, early to rise,#5work like hell, andadvertise. 8. Life is a game. Money ishow we keep score.#6 9. Do something. Either lead, followor get out of the way.#7 10. Ted Turner 11. My Blog> MORE QUOTES <