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  1. 1. The Six Canons of Customer Service As Featured in: RECIPE FOR SERVICE: How to Inspire and Deliver Great Customer Service By Tony Johnson
  2. 2. THE SIX CANONS OF CUSTOMER SERVICE The best way to be sure that your teams provide great service is to be crystal clear about your expectations. If you dont take the time to communicate clearly, you are leaving the overall experience to chance, and that never ends well for anyone particularly your Customer. -Tony Johnson
  3. 3. One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others. Lewis Carol
  4. 4. SMILE AND WELCOME YOUR CUSTOMERS WARMLY Nothing is too basic for the Guest experience. Channel your inner joy into letting your Customers know how happy you are to have them in your business.
  5. 5. PRACTICE FANTASTIC BODY LANGUAGE Your body language can say more than even your words. Stand up straight, make solid eye contact, dont cross those arms, and resist the urge to lean.
  6. 6. TREAT YOUR GUESTS LIKE CHERISHED FRIENDS This cant be a slogan you have to bake it into your DNA Lets face it. Customer Service is something you would expect from a transactional activity. But true hospitality is how we treat Guests in our homes or how neighbors treat neighbors. There is powerful juju in those types of thoughts and it can spread quickly through your organization, if you just give it a push.
  7. 7. STAY POSITIVE AND FRIENDLY Guests HATE Negativity! Find a way to start with YES rather than finding excuses to say no. This puts us in a frame of mind that leads to solving our Customers issues. If you keep an upbeat attitude and open line of communication with your team, you can absolutely inspire them to always start with YES!
  8. 8. Make it Easy Removing obstacles for your Customers should be a key focus for your teams daily. The best way to start here is by understanding the hassles that are impacting the Customer experience. You can certainly review your comment cards, analyze surveys, and most importantly ASK THEM. The face to face conversations can certainly yield the best commentary if you take the time to dig deep and listen.
  9. 9. Thank Every Guest Make sure your entire team knows that a sincere thank you is the way to close every interaction. They should have the freedom to give it their own flavor and integrate into their patter, but it isnt negotiable.
  10. 10. When you put the Guest at the center of everything you do amazing things are possible. Tony Johnson
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