Panchayat minister in chhattisgarh

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There are not many towns in the state where the general population, instruction, health and diseases are aware. Prime security protection plan by the villagers, the prime of life under the light of the bid of protection.


The authorities will be fulfilled just when the general population of the town will be guaranteed under the plan. Mr Chandrakar said the town of poor families ought not be denied of the adolescent expertise

advancement preparing.

With various effective plans in the field of sustenance, health division vaccination of newborn children , there must be dynamic support of the general population in the crusade , then toward social concern, these plans

will be excessively fruitful.

The plan Mahatma Gandhi NREGA villagers "work official" procurements goes for successful usage of the Employment Day.

The customary occasions checked by the authorities will be dealing with the installments. The state government has guided the authorities to educate the general population in regards to the vocation

opportunities in the roundabout.

The roundabout was dispatched by the Employment Day Gram Panchayat, town vocation aide, secretary and to help with execution of NREGA designated under Gram Panchayat has educated all representatives to go to.

The panchayat Minister in Chhattisgarh Ajay Chandrakar joined Arang obstruct under Raipur area lawmaker Adarsh Gram Yojana Gram Rewa at the Clean India mission.

A move to give the latrine offices make accessible to 108 families must be effective. Until the end of the general advancement, the towns must be totally satisfied.

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