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OMAoI Mission Overview (July 2014)

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One Million Acts of Innovation (Australia) is a not for profit innovation incubator and 5 year campaign for social and economic prosperity.

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  • 1| Mission Overview
  • 2| Welcome to One Million Acts of Innovation Mission: to make Australia a world leader in innovation. Australia is falling behind in innovation. Since 2004, we have dropped 10 places on the UNs Global Innovation Index (GII), from #9 to #19, despite avoiding a recession. Our strong economy has not produced a culture of creativity and risk. The proportion of innovation-active businesses in Australia has hovered around 41% since 2006. Large Australian businesses rank almost last in the OECD statistics on innovation. OMAoI is a not-for-profit innovation incubator and 5 year campaign dedicated to fostering social and economic development in Australia.
  • 3| To create a high performing innovation system, Australia needs to engender a culture of creativity, innovation, and resilience in all participants Australian Innovation System Report 2013
  • 4| Culture is the key Innovation culture is collaborative, inclusive, and oriented toward action. It thrives where people feel safe and empowered to take risks. OMAoIs innovation platform and workshop offerings will catalyse a national culture of innovation by popularising principles of safety, inclusion, experimentation, and risk. We are preparing Australia to innovatively engage the future. We need a new approach to create an innovative Australia, one based on innovation culture.
  • 5| Innovation culture is the answer An integrated systems-based approach to innovation: Leadership: A 21st century approach that democratises this critical element of innovation Engagement: Enabling purpose-driven participation by actively engaging peoples sense of intrinsic value Execution: Access to tools, resources and people that enable rapid prototyping and acts of innovation Our model, proven in previous ventures, is a catalyst for enabling organic innovation
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  • 7| A campaign that drives innovation The OMAoI launch will be marked by the start of a 5 year clock that counts down to the end of the decade. The launch event will highlight the beta projects that we have rolled out through 2014. It will showcase our Innovation Ambassadors and community leaders, our educational resources and an online Workshop Development Toolkit. The OMAoI campaign launches on NewYears Eve, 2014, in multiple states and regional areas.
  • 8| A national community of innovators The OMAoI community is inclusive.We embrace all organisations that are inspired by the OMAoI mission. Were speaking first to peer progressives people who believe that collaboration, participation, and democratisation are the most effective ways of getting things done. Digital natives feature heavily in this group. Thought leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs from earlier generations will be critical partners as we expand the OMAoI community. OMAoI is co-creating a national ecosystem of passionate people committed to innovation.
  • 9| Services
  • 10| Open innovation journeys Open Innovation Journeys employ three key resources: Open Innovation Readiness Assessments: Qualitative and quantitative analyses to assist organisations in identifying gaps and addressing needs to create an innovation culture. Open Innovation Framework: Educational tools and resources for creating an innovation culture. Open Innovation Platform: An online platform that enables organisations to engage staff, customers, stakeholders and supporters in open innovation challenges. OMAoI takes people on Open Innovation Journeys, involving online and offline innovation challenges, workshops and events.
  • 11| Open innovation workshops Huddles and Scrums: open innovation workshops. Innovation Huddles: These are in person full-day events designed to teach innovation culture through design thinking, open space innovation and OI frameworks. Innovation Scrums: These are in person half-day engagements designed to teach rapid problem solving and enable small groups to tackle short term challenges. OMAoIs workshops are a dynamic introduction to creativity and collaborative innovation.
  • 12| Partnerships
  • 13| Partnership opportunities Partnership opportunities with OMAoI include: Business: Innovation training, facilitation, and prototyping Start-ups: Leadership, high performance culture, ecosystem support for new ventures Investors: Establishing paths to innovative funding sources Community: Social inclusion initiatives and open innovation workshops Aged and disabled: Social engagement programs Education: Workshops, Teenpreneur programs, vocation videos Media: TV shows, online interactive live casts, Innov8 interview series, podcasts OMAoI is exploring shared value exchanges. We look forward to deep discussion about how, together, we can bring our mission to life.
  • 14| Partnership benefits Partnership benefits with OMAoI include: Engagement: Tap into Australias innovation community Co-creation: Contribute to developing new economic models for Australias future Capacity building: Build capability around innovation to drive competitive advantage Talent retention: Inspire your team to be part of the future of your organisation Risk reduction: Reduce the risk of innovation projects and increase their chance of success Promotion and publicity: Join our community and associate your brand with innovation OMAoI is exploring shared value exchanges. We look forward to deep discussion about how, together, we can bring our mission to life.
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  • 16| Get in touch with us Con Georgiou,CEO Phone: + 61 402 792 079 Email: [email protected] FrankCuiuli Phone: + 61 423 781 411 Email: [email protected] Suzie Graham Phone: + 61 418 683 166 Email: [email protected] DrTim Rayner Phone: + 61 425 217 030 Email: [email protected] www.facebook.com/OMAoI.Aus www.twitter.com/OMAoI_Aus www.onemillionactsofinnovation.org.au