LinkedIn Executive Playbook

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This a playbook for executives of all companies who are wondering how they should leverage the 313+Million members on LinkedIn to help their business grow their customer base and attract the best employees to their business.

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  • 1. 2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.E X E C U T I V E P L A Y B O O K12 Steps To Become a Social Leader

2. 2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. I've come to learn there is a virtuous cycle totransparency and a very vicious cycle of obfuscation JEFF WEINER, CEO OF LINKEDIN 3. 2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.Todays topperforming leadersare social leaders*.Around the world and acrossindustries, top executives who wereonce convinced that social mediawasnt worth their time, now considertheir participation in these networksas essential to their role.As a result, more and more topexecutives see the benefits of beingopen and transparent and take part inthe social revolution.At socially-engaged companies,employees are 57% more likely toleverage social media to drive salesMore likely to appear more competitiveMore likely to attract talent* 76% of executives say they would rather work for a social CEO (The Social CEO: Relationships Matter, LinkedIn & Altimeter Group, 2014Executives Tell All, Weber Shandwick, 2013 ) 4. 2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.Todays topperforming leadersare social leaders.SIR RICHARD BRANSONFOUNDER & CEO,VIRGIN GROUPEmbracing socialmedia isnt just a bit offun, it is a vital way tocommunicate, keep yourear to the ground andimprove your businessMIKE SMITHCEO, ANZIn social media ourstrategy is rapidlyevolving. It is centered onANZ participating in thesocial web through ourorganization and throughour people. This includesme as CEO, mymanagement team andultimately all our people.MARK PARKERCEO, NIKESocial media is helpingus unite and expand. Wehave never been closer toour consumers. 5. 2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.Why we created a playbookspecifically for top executives.Our goal is to help you be a better leader by enabling deeper engagement withyour customers, employees and peers in the efficient, high-control and low-riskenvironment that you require.This dedicated user guide is based on our deep understanding of executivespriorities & constraints, and outlines 12 key steps to empower leaders in theirtransition into professional social media.Your marketing team will be pleased to hear that youre interested inleveraging your online presence. While this guide focuses on stepsyou can easily implement yourself, we recommend you coordinateclosely with them to make the most of your participation in yourcompanys outreach. 6. 2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.Get started.LINKEDIN MOBILE APP 7. 2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.Your path to social leadership. TABLE OF CONTENTSTake part and take control. Create an effective executive profile Control your privacy & confidentiality Efficiently connect with the people that matter010203Demonstrate your leadership. 04Show that your company is innovative by having socially engaged leaders 05Offer an authentic, human face to your company 06Be a voice of your industry and build thought leadership0506Accelerate sales. Connect with your top 100 customers Empower your team to leverage your network at your discretion Be where your customers are & identify new leads070809Gain distinctive industry insights. 10Stay on top of the leading ideas in your industry 11Hire the best, worldwide 12Keep tabs on the competition & potential acquisitionsVisual guide. 8. 2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.Take part and take control.Customize your LinkedIn experience to be aligned with your objectivesand constraints as a top executive, right from the start. In this section,we present guidelines to set you up for success, while also managingthe potential risks associated with any social media presence.Create an efficientexecutive profileSTEP01Control your privacy& confidentialitySTEP02Efficiently connectwith the people thatmatterSTEP03START LEAD 9. 2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.STEP01Create an effectiveexecutive profile*.Your profile is a key component ofyour experience on LinkedIn. Its yourcalling card when you reach outacross your network, and its howpotential contacts will locate you andunderstand your role.Having a complete profile isimportant to show youre an activeparticipant in the ecosystem. The tipswere providing here are inspired andvalidated by the profiles of the mostsuccessful leaders on LinkedIn.Take part& take controlHeadlineBy default the headline is your current position.However, you can customize it to demonstrate yourexpertise and vision for your role.You at a glanceProfile PictureYour picture is yourvirtual handshake. Pick apicture that is friendlyand aligned with yourrole as a leader.Custom URLLinkedIn will assign youa random URL. Acustom URL is easier tocommunicate and moreprofessional.Tell your story Experience List the key positions you had in the past andbriefly explain your role. You can also detail youreducation background. Summary The summary is a personal note where you canshare a bit more about the vision you have for your role orcompany.Bring your profile to lifeAdd multimediacontent to yourprofile.* Check out the Visual Guide (p.25) to see how these pieces work togetherto create a complete profile. 10. 2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.PUBLICSTEP02Control your privacy& confidentiality.Take part& take controlManaging privacy on LinkedIn isnt amatter of limiting your information, itsa matter of deciding what youd liketo present to those inside yournetwork versus those outside yournetwork.You can easily control the privacy ofyour network and activities to alignwith both your constraints & comfortlevel.You have the choice to make your information as publicor private as you want.PRIVATE Your connections canview your entirenetwork Your connections canonly view the peoplethat you have incommonYour Connections Everyone can see youractivity feed If you turn on youractivity broadcast, yourconnections willreceive notificationswhen you update yourprofile Restrict who can seeyour activity feed: yournetwork, yourconnections or onlyyou If you turn off youractivity broadcast, yournetwork does notreceive notificationsYour Updates People you recentlyvisited can see yourname & tagline Be a LinkedInAnonymous User:select your level ofanonymityYour Visit Activity 11. 2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.STEP03Efficiently connectwith the people thatmatter.Take part& take controlWith more than 300+ millionmembers throughout the world,LinkedIn is both the largest and mostadvanced business network in theworld. It isnt intended to replace faceto face interactions, instead, itoptimizes your ability to Keep your network fresh andactive Strengthen your globalconnections Know more about people youvemet or are about to meetAvoid spam from people you dont knowEnable emailaddress request sothat only people youknow personally canconnectInvite people to connect & replace business cards A LinkedIn profile has more than just thecontact information of a business card.Inviting people to connect is a great wayto follow up on an in-person meeting. Several apps can help you connect fasterand on the spot, such as LinkedInContacts.Know a persons background before you meetChecking peoples profile prior to meeting is becoming acommodity. Knowing about their experience, background,connections and activity will allow you to save time and makethe most of your meeting. 12. 2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.Demonstrate your leadership.Your participation in social media in general, and in LinkedIn inparticular, will be welcomed by your customers and employees. As aleader, youre demonstrating your interest in being connected, stayingcurrent and making your mark where the new comers to your industrywill be.Show that yourcompany is innovativeby having a sociallyengaged C-suiteSTEP04Offer an authentic,human face to yourcompanySTEP05Be a voice of yourindustry and buildthought leadershipSTEP06START LEAD 13. 2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.80 % of employees say they wouldrather work for a social CEO, and 2out of 3 customers say that theirperception of the CEO impacts theirperception of the company*.Through LinkedIn, the top executiveshave a clear opportunity to bring asense of proximity and connection totheir companys professional andconsumer ecosystem at a low costand with low time commitment.Demonstrate yourSTEP leadership04Show that yourcompany is innovative by having sociallyengaged leaders.* The Social CEO: Executives Tell All, Weber Shandwick, 2013Share the good newsOnce youve decided to join orgrow your presence on LinkedIn,coordinate with yourcommunication department toshare the news inside thecompany, and invite youremployees to connect or followyou.Engage your board on the bigger pictureEmployees at SociallyEngaged Companies aremore likely to feel innovativeResearch** indicates that a socially engaged board helpsdemonstrate overall company engagement.**Relationships Matter, LinkedIn & Altimeter Group, 2014 14. 2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.Demonstrate yourSTEP leadership05Offer an authentic,human face to yourcompany.In the social media era, were moreand more curious about the peoplebehind a brand or a company.Top executives on LinkedIn leveragethe opportunity of a personal & directchannel of communication betweenthemselves and the rest of the world,including journalists, stakeholdersand customers.Make your profile personalYour profile is an opportunity to express yourself as anindividual. Dont hesitate to use the first person and sharepersonal insights.Share your Companys page updateIncrease the visibilityof your companyscommunications bysharing companyupdates with yournetwork.Leverage LinkedIn as a communication platformCoordinate with your Public Relations team to leverageyour LinkedIn presence for official announcements,promotions or even crisis management. 15. 2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.