Leadership Excellence in Action- A Roadmap to Inspire and Engage People and Teams

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Text of Leadership Excellence in Action- A Roadmap to Inspire and Engage People and Teams

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Leadership Excellence in actionStrategies to Engage and Inspire PeopleTalia Fox, M.Ed., KUSI TrainingActivityBLINK

Rate Yourself On a Scale of 1 - 10Confidence when people are frightenedCertainty when people are unsureAction where there is hesitationStrength where there is weaknessExpertise where there is flounderingCourage where there is cowardiceOptimism where there is cynicismConviction that the future will be betterSource: AMARate Yourself On a Scale of 1 - 10What is your evidence for your rating?

What are your values and strengths?Partner Exercise: A Live AssessmentChoose a partner or two.

Describe a time when you were at your best? What did you learn about yourself?

Describe a time when you overcame a challenge? What did you learn about yourself?

Set your phone time 5 minutes then switch.Partner Exercise: A Live AssessmentList sources of power needed to be influential.

Take a self-assessment to identify personal leadership strengths.

Explore the art of delegation and effective team leadership.

Explore the role of feedback and performance measures.

Create an action list with and explore plans to measure success.

Critical Success Factors1. Accomplishment of Work 2. Quality 3. Teamwork 4. Morale 5. Delegation 6. Empowerment 7. Stable Systems 8. Planning 9. Learning 10. Recognition and Rewards

Source: AMA

Apply Leadership EssentialsShift for Amateur to Professional

48Turns knowledge into practiceArticulates and implements awarenessExpresses ideas and motivates others Follows value descriptionSeeks challenges to grow and innovateLeverages resources and shapes opportunitiesLiquidates collective valueMakes choices based on valuesHas knowledgeHas awarenessHas great ideasFollows job descriptionStays in comfort zoneCollaboratesUnderstands the power of individual contributionsHas valuesWhat Do Leaders Talk About?VisionMissionValuesGoalsPerformanceChallengesChange

Four Communication StrategiesHigh EnergyPersonal ConnectionDeliberate ChoicesNatural Conversational StyleCommunicating With Confidence

Powerful Communication InfluencersCompetenceTrustworthinessExpertiseLikabilityComposureSociabilityStrategies to Communicate EffectivelyAre You Confident In Your Communication Skills?

Internal vs. External ConfidenceNon verbalVerbalEmphatic ToneStyleParticipant interactionsFacts Vs. FeelingsFacts Tell, Stories SellKnow how to use factsFacts are provable data points that generate awareness or understanding of a problem/issueFacts appeal to reason (Left-brain); accordingly they illicit an intellectual response (i.e. agreement or disagreement) Facts can be selectively dismissed by the listener or lost among other facts; so they should be used with purpose and intentionKnow how to use storiesStories are extremely powerful ways of emotionally connecting people to new ways of thinking in a way that they will remember Stories are experiential and therefore cant be disputed via argumentIf you want someone to internalize a thought or be persuaded by new information you offered themtell them a storyYour Personal Power ListYour Position: The WhatYour Resources: The AccessYour Vibe: The personality and energy (Blink Impression)Your Positive Control: What can you do for others?Your Negative Control: What can you do to others?Skills and Knowledge: What do you know?Your reputation and performanceJust Because You Are The Playing, Does Not Mean That the Game StopsTo accomplish a missionTo gain access to resourcesTo protect reputations, work, peopleTo acknowledge differences and good workTo leverage play nice effectGreat LeadersWhat does your organization look for in great leaders? Do you have it? Do you want it?Desire to lead and passionate about the cause!Technical ability and SkillsCompletion of tasks and managing time and skillsThe ability to influence and negotiateIntegrity and reliability

Building An Image That Inspires?The LookThe SoundThe PrecisionThe CredibilityThe Woo

What Is Trust?Trust (n.) a willingness to put yourself at risk based on another persons actions

Source: Interaction Associates

High Trust = Goal AchievementWhen employees have a high level of trust in management and the organization, the company becomes significantly better at achieving its business goals.

Source: Interaction AssociatesDo People Trust Management?Lack of management trust is the biggest barrier to building effective organizations Development Dimensions Intl. Survey61% dont believe management tells them the truth Council for Communication StudyOnly 38% trust employers to keep their promises Princeton Survey Research AssociatesWhat Is Your Action Plan?Monday Morning Coffee in hand?

What will you do differently?