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<ul><li><p>Table of Content</p><p>12</p><p>3</p><p>4 5</p></li><li><p>IGNITE welcome you!</p><p>Every July in Vietnam, </p><p>There is an occasion when many AIESECers put away their everything to assemble, to activate and reinvent a better version of themselves. </p><p>The event which aims to provide an immense learning space so that those who share the vision can build their network, learn from each other and live forward.</p><p>Oh wow, can you guess what is that?</p><p>It is IGNITE National Conference!</p><p>Where great things kick started!</p><p>Found my life-long buddy here</p><p>I learn how they do the same X things in different greater ways</p><p>- AIESECers -</p></li><li><p>What will happen in IGNITE?</p><p>And a lot more in IGNITE 2016</p></li><li><p>Timeline &amp; Delegate Profile</p><p>Current EB, elected EB</p><p>NST</p><p>Profile</p></li><li><p>Registration Timeline</p><p>Round 1: 23/5 - 11/6/2016</p><p>Round 2: 17/6 - 07/7/2016</p><p>Half Delegation Fee (Expected)</p><p>Vietnamese Delegate: 850.000 VND</p><p>AIESECer EP/IDG: 55 USD</p><p>You can choose either first half (Day 1 to day 3) or last half (Day 3 to day 5). </p><p>If you participate 3 days or more, you will be charged as full attendance</p><p>Registration</p><p>Full Delegation Fee (Expected)</p><p>o HCMC Region 1.650.000 VND</p><p>o Danang Region 1.450.000 VND</p><p>o HN Region 1.450.000 VND</p><p>o AIESECer EP/ IDG: 110 USD</p><p>Vietnamese Delegate http://bit.ly/ignite16register</p><p>International Delegate &amp; EP AIESECerhttp://bit.ly/ignite16idg</p></li><li><p>Budget Explanation</p><p>Travel bus back &amp; forth</p><p>Venue included room, hall, sub hall, projector</p><p>Session Stationery included every kind of papers, tapes, materials</p><p>5 days meal &amp; tea break.</p><p>Conference T-shirt</p><p>*For IGNITE rally point is in Ho Chi Minh city, LCs from Ha Noi &amp; Da Nang region will be discounted 200.000vnd</p></li><li><p>Registration Policy</p><p>IGNITE Application Form does not guarantee your delegate slot of joining IGNITE Conference. Your official delegates status will be approved by LC EB and Conference Manager regarding the member criteria fulfilment. </p><p>Illegal drugs or behaviors in accordance to Vietnams law are banned at all national conferences. Any violators will have their membership revoked immediately and removed from the conference site without any refund, and is responsible for damage fees if necessary. </p><p>Pay attention and strictly follow instruction of OC IGNITE, if you are selected to be official delegates.No excuse are accepted regarding conference policy violation that committed yourself.</p><p>Every delegate are responsible for their registration. You should well prepare mindset, timeline and own your experience once submitting IGNITE Application Form. Late submission are not accepted.</p><p>Read carefully before registering</p></li><li><p>Meet the team</p><p>Keep yourself updated via http://facebook.com/ignite.aiesec.vn/</p><p>If you have any concern, feel free to contact OC Delegation Ignite</p><p>Phuc Tran (Mr.) OC Delegation Service IGNITE 2016</p><p>[P] +84 165 762 0317 [Skype] cavinno.1 [E] ignite.vn@gmail.com</p><p>http://facebook.com/ignite.aiesec.vn/</p></li></ul>