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Coaching vs. Mentoring 25 Ways They’re Different

Coaching vs. mentoring

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  • Coaching vs. Mentoring

    25 Ways They re D i f fe rent

  • Which approach i s bes t su i ted fo r your o rgan i za t ion s spec i f i c


    Here s a s ide by s ide analys is of the two methodologies

  • Coaching Task Oriented

    Mentoring Rela/onship Oriented

    Differentiator #1

  • Coaching Short Term

    Mentoring Long Term

    Differentiator #2

  • Coaching Performance Driven

    Mentoring Development Driven

    Differentiator #3

  • Coaching Can be done as needed; no

    design necessary

    Mentoring Program design needed to

    create effec/ve program

    Differentiator #4

  • Coaching Manager directly involved

    Mentoring Manager involved only


    Differentiator #5

  • "I am not a teacher, but an awakener.

    -Rober t F ros t

  • Coaching More easily evaluated and

    measured for ROI

    Mentoring Less easy to measure for


    Differentiator #6

  • Coaching Reliance on performance

    management systems, e.g. reviews, 360s etc.

    Mentoring Not dependent upon

    performance management systems

    Differentiator #7

  • Coaching Feedback by coach to

    manager about progress in development

    Mentoring No feedback by mentor to


    Differentiator #8

  • Coaching The Coach is paid for


    Mentoring Mentor receives no


    Differentiator #9

  • Coaching Coach operates


    Mentoring Mentors operate with

    assistance from the Mentoring Program Manager

    Differentiator #10

  • Coaching No training of coachee


    Mentoring Mentors and mentorees


    Differentiator #11

  • Coaching Focus is more on business

    issues than personal

    Mentoring Focus is on personal and

    professional development

    Differentiator #12

  • The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not crea3ng them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.

    -S teven Sp ie lberg

    Image Credit: Steven Spielberg Cannes 2013 3" by Georges Biard. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons - hJps://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Steven_Spielberg_Cannes_2013_3.jpg#/media/

  • Coaching Lower ini/al investment


    Mentoring Higher ini/al investment cost

    (lower over /me)

    Differentiator #13

  • Coaching Lends itself to online


    Mentoring Management of the mentoring

    program lends itself to soPware but not the rela/onship itself

    Differentiator #14

  • Coaching Coaches leave

    organiza/on when done

    Mentoring Mentors/mentorees remain in

    the organiza/on & can provide ongoing mentoring to others

    Differentiator #15

  • Coaching Done by inside or outside

    content expert

    Mentoring Mentors are normally within

    the company

    Differentiator #16

  • Coaching Can be done for remedial


    Mentoring Never remedial

    Differentiator #17

  • Coaching Internal poli/cs not

    usually affected

    Mentoring Internal poli/cs a considera/on

    in program design

    Differentiator #18

  • Coaching Corporate cultural change

    may/may not occur

    Mentoring Mentoring is transforma/onal

    and affects the corporate culture

    Differentiator #19

  • Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

    -Benjamin Franklin

  • Coaching Diversity may or may not

    be included

    Mentoring Diversity is a component of


    Differentiator #20

  • Coaching Coaching done 1-on-1

    Mentoring Mentoring most oPen is done

    1-on-1 but other models may be used as well

    Differentiator #21

  • Coaching Content exper/se more

    important in coaching

    Mentoring Interpersonal skills more

    important in mentoring

    Differentiator #22

  • Coaching Manager can be coach of

    own employee

    Mentoring Mentor is outside mentorees

    direct supervisory line

    Differentiator #23

  • Coaching Coaching is one-direc/onal

    Mentoring Mentoring is bi-direc/onal

    Differentiator #24

  • Coaching Coaching is focused on the

    business person

    Mentoring Mentoring involves the whole


    Differentiator #25

  • Coaching is about a behavioral transforma3on. Mentoring is about a personal transforma3on.

    -Rene Pet r in Founde r & CEO Managemen t Men t o r s

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