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The Livery companies of the City of London play a significant part in City life. The Management Consultants Livery company continues these traditions by supporting channels for creating and sharing thought leadership, enhancing the profession within business and undertaking pro bono consultancy for charities through our professional 'giving and gaining' scheme.

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  • 1. The Worshipful Company ofManagement Consultants (WCoMC)A Modern Livery Company for the 21st Century1 - 11Short Version E 2014

2. WCoMC is Integral to the City of London The livery companies of the City of London trace their originsback to the 12th century AD. Today they are closely integratedinto the fabric and governance of this vibrant international hub. Each year Liverymen elect the sheriffs of the City, endorse theelection of the Lord Mayor and play a prominent part in major Cityand international events supporting trade, education, charity andfellowship. Continued success and relevance of Livery companies isrepresented by their unique ability to adapt innovate andinfluence, which makes them invaluable partners for the City ofLondon as it works to sustain and promote the City's position asthe world leader in international finance and business services.2 - 11 3. The Worshipful Company of Management Consultants Membership is drawn from across our profession of consultancy,corporate and commercial advisers : from partners and seniormembers of major consultancy firms to specialists and solepractitioners in the sector. Our motto is 'Change through Wisdom'. The Company started life as a Guild in 1993 and in 2004, theCourt of Aldermen granted the Company's petition to becomethe City of London's 105th livery Company. The Company was presented with a Royal Charter by PrinceEdward, Earl of Wessex, in May 2008.3 - 11 4. The Worshipful Company of Management Consultants Livery companies continue a long tradition of supporting,developing and protecting their trades, whilst acting in charitableways within the wider and international community. The Management Consultants continue these traditions bysupporting channels for creating and sharing thought leadershipenhancing the profession's credibility within business, undertakingpro bono consultancy for charities and community interestcompanies. The Company has around 200 members whogather a number times a year for somespectacular formal dinners and more frequentlyfor informal social and professional networkingevents.4 - 11 5. Features & Benefits of MembershipCorporate Membership Membership Through Your Company Entertain Your Clients at Livery EventsFellowship ProfessionInternational NetworksBusiness Interest GroupsCharity Civic City City of London5 - 11 Engage in Governance and Traditions Freedom of the City of London Participation with the Livery Movement.Social Interest Groups City Livery Dinning Events Music Society Wine ClubCharity (Third Sector) Professional Giving (Pro Bono) Mentoring / Coaching Center for Charity Effectiveness Charitable Fund Professional Networking Health, Education, Technology Finance, Energy / Utilities Livery Financial Services GroupEducation Professional Development Events Links with Business Schools Livery Apprenticeship Scheme Annual Change Lecture 6. How We Help Charities & Community Interest Companies We provide access to a talent pool of experienced, innovativeand professional pro bono business specialists who can deliverunique solutions for Third Sector organizations and CommunityInterest Companies, helping improve their performance andservice demands. With one of the widest professional experience platforms acrossmultiple business sectors we are able to help clients addressdiverse range of issues such as: Developing corporate strategies Raising marketing and fund raising skills Leadership & succession planning Advising on change programmes Analyzing opportunities Advising on governance We are here to help organizations who help the community.6 - 11 7. The Features & Benefits of Membership We enjoy corporate networking in the City through professional,business and civic events. We retain voting rights in the City of London Corporation,enabling us to influence the shape of the City and to participate inthe election of the Sheriffs and future Lord Mayors of the City. We have created a charitable fund providing targeted financialresources for charities helping them to make a difference.7 - 11 8. The Features & Benefits of Membership Recognition of excellence through the presentation ofprestigious awards promoting the Management Consultancyprofession. We assist and advise our members of industry trends andopportunities for the advancement of business. As a member of the Livery movement we are able to assist ourmembers clients in advising on premier City venues for corporatehospitality and private business events. An ability to campaign and influence Government on behalf ofthe profession working with the Management ConsultancyAssociation and the Institute of Consulting. Members are able to promote our Livery Company with the useof the Company's coat of Arms.8 - 11 9. Membership Grades Our membership is drawn from across our profession ofconsultancy, corporate and commercial advisers : from partnersand senior members of major consultancy firms to specialists andsole practitioners in the sector.AssociateFreemanLiveryman Higher Education Students Consultants / Specialists who are initiating their professional careers. Management Consultants outside the United Kingdom. One may acquire the "Freedom of the Company", upon fulfilling the Company'smembership criteria and by having contributed to the profession and those whoshare our values and aims. Freemen are generally entitled to advance to becoming liverymen by a vote ofthe Court of Assistants. Liverymen can take part in the election of the Lord Mayor, the Sheriffs,and the other traditional officers of the City of London.9 - 11 10. 2014 Costs and How to JoinJoining & Membership CostsOne-Off Joining fee: 250Annual fee 360Plus a Voluntary Annual Contribution to the Charitable TrustHow to JoinEmail: michael.rutherford@quantavc.comTelephone: +44 (0) 20 7248 2391Address: WCoMC, Skinners Hall. 8 Dowgate Hill, London EC4R 2SPwww.wcomc.org10 - 11 11. The Worshipful Company ofManagement ConsultantsPresentation End11 - 11