CEO Resolutions For The New Year

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  • What New Years Resolutions Do You Have For Your Business?

    These Founders & CEOs will let you in on the things on their to-do lists

  • Philip Rooke CEO, Spreadshirt

    Keep our global talented workforce engaged and enthused via excellent communication and a culture that encourages risk taking and personal growth.

    Enhance mobile payments and marketplace: Given the propensity for global consumers to shop with their phones anything that enhances mobile payment or mobile marketplaces is a worthy investment and necessary to keep any online business relevant.

    Stay focused on Internationalization- multiple domains, currencies, languages. Sellers want to reach consumers everywhere and get products to them fast and reliably. Continue to launch new domains, facilities as tied to consumer demands.

    Refine and enhance responsive design regardless of device. Every shopping, browsing and checkout experience has to be fun, fast, simple and secure.

    Add more ethically sourced apparel and accessories- global consumers are very aware of social injustices and many are willing to pay for ethically sourced and produced products.

  • My 2015 resolution is to provide a stronger online experience for consumers. We'll also aim to increase transparency through further enhancement of technology. We'll continue to use our profits to help those charities in need. And we'll take aim at international expansion - taking our process into other markets

    Hamilton Powell CEO, Crown & Caliber

  • My New Years Resolution for my business is to be more present. Running a small business has been an extremely stressful, yet rewarding journey. There are so many tasks at hand owning a business which result in equally as many distractions. My resolution to be more present will hopefully allow me to not only pay closer attention to those around me, but to more efficiently listen, learn and delegate. The power of being present will, in return, relieve stress, remove unnecessary worry and overthinking. 2015, here we come!

    Lori Cheek Founder & CEO, Cheekd

  • 1. Sell into the Enterprise: We want to raise our sights and move our sales strategy up-market by selling into the world's largest organizations. These engagements should be better structured, pursued with clearer communication and larger in size. 2. Gain more visibility: Becoming industry-recognized thought leaders is important to us. Gaining visibility in magazines and industry trade journals is a key part of us demonstrating our expertise.

    3. Creating culture: Focusing inwards now, we're looking improving relationships and building on an already strong corporate culture. This is done through the entire process of recruiting, hiring and retaining employees.

    David Ciccarelli Founder & CEO,

  • Enrich and empower our team to succeed with our new business model.

    Engage a new generation of parents with digital versions of our products.

    Engage our online community with great content from a wider diversity of experts on topics that are deeply relevant to them.

    Refine and enhance our marketing and promotion strategies to dovetail with our new business model.

    Steve Anderson CEO,

  • My New Years resolution is to make our customer the hero of our brand's story. I plan to do this by highlighting their triumphs and struggles on our social media properties. I want them to know that we understand who they better than the competition.

    Rasheen Carbin Co-Founder & CMO, nspHire

  • 1. Hire more returning Veterans first.

    2. Gift more shares of internal stock to Associates for when the time I am ready to retire, they will be ultimate owners and ensure our Org continues its mission statement and plans in place

    3. Review my obligations to time consuming not for profit Boards of Directorship and either resign to allow others the opportunity to serve or proffer another in our Org to represent the firm/community. End run, do good where the impact upon unfortunate people feel it the most.

    Jim Angleton President & CEO, AegisFS

  • In 2015 our goals are to set up clear roles for all employees and managers. 2014 was a crazy year and we doubled in size in what felt like overnight, so in 2015 our focus will be on making sure each person knows what their job duties are and what they are responsible for.

    David Batchelor CEO,

  • In the new year I plan to completely reframe the way that I think about my business. Our flagship product the Palit had done amazing things, but we aren't going to stop there. Success for me will not be dependent upon the performance of one product, but rather of the whole suite of products that are currently in our pipeline. It is easy to think with a narrow focus when you have worked on something for so long, but it is of the utmost importance that you not make your success dependent on the outcome of one event or concept; by doing so you are not putting faith in your own abilities.

    Brandon Kelly CEO, NYCVanity

  • To be even more transparent with our employees so that everyone can better voice opinions and contribute to the direction of the company.

    Andrew Savala CEO, Red Swimmer Inc.

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