Big Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle

Big Kanban (Scaling Kanban Style)

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BigKanban@KanbanDan#LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle

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Scaling Kanban Style

Big Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle

So were getting good at Team KanbanBut (whisper it loudly), thats only a Proto-KanbanThe big benefits come when you do Kanban at Scale But can we avoid a big transformation for that?

Whats this all about then? Big Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle


I want to tell you a story

Big Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle

Meet Si

Si is a Kanban guyService Delivery Manager for team AlphanautsHis team is going great guns and theyre started to get noticedWhy cant every team be like Alphanauts? Fast turnaround High commitmentPredictable Calm HappyEveryone pulling in the same directionBig Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStylePhoto credit Roo Reynolds & Leila Johnston


Si is going to have to shareHes been asked to scale his method, but Si knows that agile only works at scale withCross functional teamsAnd colocation Doesnt it?DanCorp just isnt like thatGlobally distributed teamsAlphanauts are all in the UK, of course everyone else looks badIt has to be down to the co-location thing, hasnt it? Or perhaps notBig Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle

Interconnected Ecosystem of Shared ServicesMany agilists subscribe to the school of cross-functional teamsBut when the organisation has spent all of those years building the opposite, how could Si change everything?The problem he knew was Kaizen Vs KaikakuMoving to cross-functional teams was a revolution not evolutionInstead Si decided to:leave the teams where they werehelp the organisation to manage the flow of value through the whole ecosystemBig Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle


Sis going to have to Kanban the $h!t out of it

Big Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

The team of teamsNo team can do anything of value to the company on their ownJust like no individual in Alphanauts could do anything on their own. The team was the unit of delivery for user storiesThe whole organisation was the unit of delivery for user features. But each team worked wholly independently of each other team, No-one was aligned in DanCorp. Oh no!

Big Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle

Misaligned organisationBig Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle

Everyone is optimised for local efficiency & local benefit

Si needed to create an aligned organisationBig Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle

Everyone is optimised towards organisation wide benefitEveryone is playing the same game with the same goals

Enter the Service Delivery Manager

Sis new role was in effect the Service Delivery Manager for the entire end to end value flow rather than just AlphanautsSi suspected that by bringing together the teams to work on the right thing at the right time, Si could make DanCorp deliver Service like it never had before. Everyone in DanCorp could win together rather than just burning calories to make heat! But what should we work on? Who gets to decide? Hmmm. Big Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle

Brilliant TV LtdService Request ManagerWhen Si only had to worry about Alphanauts, he convinced his product owner Tim to focus more on the policies for risk assessment, scheduling, sequencing and selection. Tim became a Service Request ManagerSurely someone must care about those things across DanCorp?Tim suggested Si talk to his boss Trevor...Big Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle

Trevor loved the idea of aligning DanCorp around service delivery and volunteered to help as the SRMTrevor and Si worked together to reposition existing meetings with stakeholders and teams to focus on StrategyOperationsService DeliveryOperationsDelivery Planning Replenishment of work queues

Game onBig Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle

Subtle Changes, obvious benefitsThe approach wasnt revolutionary, but the effects wereInstead of each team being isolated from the common goals, Trevor and Si helped them line up.Each team started replenishing their own queues aligned with everyone else Instead of focusing on local benefit and targets, everyone could see how they helped overall service deliveryEveryone still did the same work, but now they seemed to be pulling together rather than in separate directions. Big Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle


Was it all Roses and Daffodils? Yes. This is a story, not a case studyDuration of work from end to end dropped dramaticallyValue delivery rate increasedDefects dropped due to the focus on quality at every stageMotivation grew because everyone shared common purposeSee Dan Pinks book Drive to learn more about thatCompany performance improved and DanCorp dominated its sector for years to come. Big Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle

But could it be real?

Why not? Whats stopping us? What would we have to change to get there?Big Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle

What do you need to change?You need to make someone responsible for the end to end delivery of value Like SiYou need to make someone responsible for facilitating the risk assessment, sequencing, scheduling and selection of workLike TrevorChange the focus of some existing meetingsChange policies to allow the focus on organisational goals instead of local targets. Measures to see the improvements Execs want to win!Big Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle

What wouldnt have to changeWhere people workThe organisation structure 95% of Job titles, roles, responsibilities, skills of the people in the organisationOffices, departments pay scalesThe changes are subtle and easy to implement without a complete re-orgKanban truly is an alternative path to agility. Big Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle

Say NO to TransformationJoin the Kanban Evolution insteadBig Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle


Big Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle

BigKanban@KanbanDan#LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle

Scaling Kanban Style

Big Kanban @KanbanDan #LLKD16 #ScalingKanbanStyle