An approach to PMI - PgMP Program Management Certification

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  • 10-Aug-16

    PgMP: Program Management Preparation Course

    Harish L PMP, PgMP, Ph: +91 9845546953, Skype: harishlr

  • 10-Aug-16

    PgMP Preparation Course - Agenda

    Objective of this course is to gainProgram Management knowledgeas described by PMI and to passthe PMI PgMP certification exam


  • 10-Aug-16

    What Is Required To Pass PgMP

    FundamentalsProgram management basicsGeneral management concepts

    StandardsSPMv3, Examination Content Outline(ECO), Change management,PMBOKv5

    Critical thinking skillsExam strategy question analysis and answering strategy,reasoning skills, Awareness on management processes

    ExperienceProject and program management experience, changemanagement, Stakeholder engagement experience, Decisionmaking.


    Unlike PMP preparation, PgMP requires a different approach focus more on practices, experiences

  • 10-Aug-16

    Way to PgMP and beyond


    Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4

    Stage -1: Acquire knowledge

    On-line discussions on general management, program managementfundamentals, Insight into the SPMv3, ECO and other relatedstandards, practice questions, share experiences, Question analysisand answering techniques

    Wk 5 Wk 6 Wk 7 Wk 8

    Stage -2: Consolidate knowledge

    Off-line exercises: Transform concepts from one form to another,Assignments to get insight into program management, ECOanalysis, 600+ questions covering domains, On-line Question &answer sessions, study groupsApply for PgMP (if not done already)

    Wk 9 Wk 10

    Stage -3: Prepare for exam

    Off-line/On-line: Unresolved topics,Important topics, question analysis,on-line Q&A meetings, study group

    Wk 10

    Prepare and Take exam

    Stage -4: Take Exam

    Continued Support

    Phone, meetings, Whatsapp, Mail, chat

    Enhance knowledge and Refine skills

    150 hours effort to PgMP

    Join the global program management community,networking, be relevant and more effective at work !!

    Deliverables (Non-transferable and shared through dropbox) Each module courseware (in .pdf format) Session recordings in .mp4 format Assignments in open question format to develop program management insight PgMP exam application review assistance 600+ questions and answers with rational (divided into 4 question papers) PgMP Exam useful formulas, sample work shared by previous participants Templates and samples for selected artefacts Notes/ Data flow diagrams/ mock schedule Participants can apply for upto 21 PDUs with PMI as part of Continuing Certification

    Requirement (CCR)

    2 Hours a day

  • 10-Aug-16

    How it is done

    Uses ILVC (Instructor-Led Virtual Class) technology

    Uses GotoMeeting platform. An App version is preferred.

    Sessions are recorded and stored for later use

    Cloud storage: All associated files, artefacts, links, assignments, question papersare shared through cloud storage.

    You are a participant!! Make it interactive

    On-line or off-line, interact with each other and share experience

    A good head-set with microphone is preferred for good audio

    In case of network issues, the instructor will connect back on an alternate line orcommunicate via mail

    Contact instructor for any support required on e-mail / whatsapp / telephone forany clarifications


  • 10-Aug-16

    What is required

    Standard for Program Management Version 3

    PgMP ECO, PMI lexicon : preferably hardcopy

    PMBOKv5 (Selected sections)

    Highlighters, markers, sketch pens

    ACEPRO courseware, question banks, articles

    ACEPRO assignments


  • 10-Aug-16

    The Standard for Program Management (SPMv3)

    PMI standard for Program Management is a scalable model from a very largescale, complex program to small, simple program

    Presents generally recognised as good practice that works for most programs,most of the time

    ALL bullet points, sequences, criteria are very important from examinationperspective

    There are also inconsistencies (or errors??), Gray areas


  • 10-Aug-16

    Domains and Exam Questions

    Questions - 170









    VI. PMI code of ethics and professional conduct

    Goal: Get PROFICIENCY in all domains





  • 10-Aug-16

    Training Structure

    Introduction to Program Management

    Program / Project distinctions

    Program Strategic Alignment

    Program Benefits Management

    Program Governance

    Program Stakeholder Engagement

    Program Supporting Processes

    PgMP Exam strategy Questions and answering techniques

    General Concepts

    SPMv3 ECOPractice


    Approximate duration of on-line training: 45-50 hoursQ&A sessions and application writing support: 10-12 hoursImportant to catch-up with assignments and SPMv3

    Discussions to focus on each domain

    General concepts behind the domain

    SPMv3 discussion points and Data flow diagrams

    How it is integrated with other domains

    PgMP exam specific information

    References required for the exam

    Understanding ECO tasks

    Practice questions


  • 10-Aug-16

    Keeping up the momentum






  • 10-Aug-16

    Training Schedule

    FY 2016PgMP preparation course Starting

    1. Jan 1st week Completed

    2. March 2nd week Completed

    3. May 2nd week - Completed

    4. Jul 2nd week - In-Progress

    5. Sep 2nd week - Scheduled

    6. Nov 2nd week - Scheduled


  • 10-Aug-16

    PgMP Training Course Outline

    Module - 2

    Introduction to



    Organisation Vision and Mission

    Business value

    Organisation Strategic planning

    Portfolios, Programs, Projects and Operations

    Decision making Portfolio/Program/Project/Operations

    Program and Project distinctions

    Program Management

    Program Manager skills and competencies

    Program Management Office

    Introduction to Exam Content Outline (ECO)

    Practice questions

    Module - 3




    domain and

    Program life cycle

    Program Life Cycle

    Program Life Cycle gate pass criteria.

    Program management performance domains

    Program Management Change cycle

    Practice questions

    Module - 1

    Introduction to

    PgMP credential


    PgMP credential exam overview

    Overview of application process

    Tips for Effective and Efficient learning

    Understanding the SPMv3 - standard and ECO

    (Examination Content Outline)


  • 10-Aug-16

    PgMP Training Course Outline Contd..2

    Module - 4




    Introduction to Program strategic alignment

    Organizational strategy and program alignment

    Program selection by portfolio

    Program Mandate

    Program Sponsor

    Program Definition phase dataflow and strategic

    alignment dataflow

    Program Business case

    Program plan

    Program Roadmap

    Environmental Factors Impact assessments

    Strategic alignment - ECO tasks analysis and mapping

    Practice questions

    Module - 5




    Outputs, Capability, Outcome, Benefit and dis-


    Types of benefits

    Benefit delivery models

    Balanced scorecard

    Architecting the program

    Benefit management life cycle and program

    life cycle

    Benefit Identification phase

    Identifying Data, Metrics, Indicators, KPA, KPIs

    Benefit analysis and planning phase

    Benefit realization plan

    Benefit register

    Benefit delivery phase

    Benefits transition phase

    Benefit Sustenance phase

    Practice questions

    Workshop: Benefit qualitative and quantitative analysis.


  • 10-Aug-16

    PgMP Training Course Outline Contd..3

    Module - 6



    What is Program governance

    Difference between Governance and Management

    Program Governance - Responsibilities

    Typical program organisation set-up

    Program Governance - plan

    Change management

    Issue escalation

    Providing management oversight - Phase gate, health check

    and other decision point reviews

    Component Initiation and transition

    Program Management Information Systems, KMS

    Audit support

    Program quality standards and planning

    Governance of components

    Practice questions

    ECO mapping to the Standard

    Module - 7




    Program Stakeholder engagement

    Wants, needs and expectations

    Stakeholder identification

    Stakeholder analysis

    Stakeholder Register

    Stakeholder engagement strategies

    Stakeholder engagement planning

    Stakeholder engagement

    Resistance triangle and pyramid

    Practice questions


  • 10-Aug-16

    PgMP Training Course Outline Contd..4

    Module - 8



    Review of Program Life cycle