Transfer of share and debenture

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Transfer of share is the important part of the company share capital. so shares and debenture are companies movable property. There are some provisions to transfer of share.


  • 1. Transfer Of Shares & Debentures PRESENTED BY: PRAJAKTA SHROTRI P-23
  • 2. Transfer Of Shares
  • 3. Provisions For Transfer Of Shares Restrictions on transfer of shares Instrument of transfer Transfer of instrument form & presentation Time limit for presentation
  • 4. Transmission of shares Procedure Nominee appointed Rights of nominee Refusal to accept application
  • 5. Transfer Of Shares & Transmission Of Shares Transfer of shares Transmission of shares Voluntary act of parties Operation of law Execute instrument of transfer No instruments Consideration No consideration Liability of transferor ceases Continue liability
  • 6. Transfer Of Debenture


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