Things To Know About Filing Bankruptcy

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  • Things To Know About Filing


    Filing for bankruptcy can be a difficult time for an individual or a company. While it is

    considered as a last resort for many, it is also a way to clear debt and start anew in your

    financial life. One should also keep in mind the bankruptcy in USA can be granted only

    by federal or a state court. Any individual filing for bankruptcy also needs to attend

    credit counseling from an agency that is approved by bankruptcy courts. Through all

    these legal activities, it is essential that you have a professional bankruptcy attorney at

    your side to guide you through the paperwork and legal processes. Making any mistake

    in the paperwork or filing can cost you dearly in the long run as the court might not

    approve your bankruptcy application if any information is incorrect or missing.

    While you can always approach a large firm for bankruptcy advice, you might have not

    get attention on a personal level from them. It is always a better choice to go with a

    dedicated bankruptcy attorney who can give you a one-on-one counsel by going through

    your financial history. You also need to look at your future financial plans and

  • aspirations before filing for bankruptcy as there are several long-term effects of

    bankruptcy that you should know beforehand.

    The process can often be extremely complex with a lot of paperwork and it can take a lot

    of time too. You need to plan things out at-length and explore all the options before

    deciding on filing bankruptcy. While in some cases filing bankruptcy can clear all your

    debt, in other cases it clears only a portion of your debt. But it will always have an effect

    on your credit score and any future financial transactions that you might be involved


    At Law Office of Ronica Scales, LLC, you can get personal and pertinent advice on

    filing bankruptcy. Whether it is Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, attorney Ronica

    Scales can guide you in a thorough manner by taking an in-depth look at your financial

    history and your current financial condition. She will also discuss your future financial

    aspirations with you so that you can take a look at all the options available to you. To

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    to schedule a free initial consultation. Remember, filing bankruptcy doesn't have to be a

    difficult experience when you have an experienced legal advisor by your side.