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<ol><li> 1. Michael W LeRoy is a Florida attorney who has beenpracticing law for more than twenty years. Originally fromIndependence Missouri, he graduated at the top of hisclass from the University of Nebraska in 1989 and went onto attend law school at the Florida State University Collegeof Law, where he graduated with honors in 1993. He wasadmitted to the Florida Bar that same year, and became anAssistant State Attorney in the Sixteenth Judicial District.Today he is a founding, and the managing, partner ofFulmer, LeRoy and Albee. </li><li> 2. Michael W LeRoy graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1989from the University of Nebraska. He received his lawdegree from the Florida State University College of Law,where he graduated with honors in 1993. He is a foundingpartner in the firm of Fulmer, LeRoy and Albee, and servesas its Managing Partner, working out of its Orlando, Floridaoffice, where his practice areas include the defense ofpersonal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice andproduct liability cases. </li><li> 3. Michael W LeRoy has been practicing law in Florida formore than twenty years. He began as an Assistant StateAttorney right out of law school, and he stayed with thatoffice until 1995. Today he is a founding partner in Fulmer,LeRoy and Albee, and as the firms managing partner,works out of the firm's Orlando office. He was a member ofGolden Key, the world's largest collegiate honor society,composed of the top fifteen percent of college anduniversity sophomores, juniors and seniors. </li><li> 4. Michael W LeRoy is the Managing Partner of Fulmer,LeRoy and Albee. He is also one of the firm's foundingpartners. A 1993 graduate of the Florida State UniversityCollege of Law, he was the Articles and Notes editor for itsJournal of Land Use and Environmental Law. He is also a1989 Honors graduate from the University of Nebraska inOmaha, where he was a Regent's Scholarship winner. </li><li> 5. Michael W LeRoy is an attorney who lives and works in thestate of Florida. Originally from Missouri, he attended theUniversity of Nebraska as an undergraduate and completedhis studies there with a Bachelor of Arts degree, MagnaCum Laude, in 1989. He then obtained his law degree, withhonors, at the Florida State University College of Law. Hislegal specialties include the defense of Personal Injury,Products Liability, Transportation Law, and MedicalMalpractice claims. </li><li> 6. Michael W LeRoy is a veteran Florida trial attorney withmore than twenty years of experience. He is the managingpartner of Fulmer, LeRoy and Albee, and like his lawpartners, is committed to aggressively representing each ofhis clients. He supports several worthy causes, includingthe Gleason Initiative, which provides support for peoplediagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, aprogressive and usually fatal disorder of the nervoussystem. </li><li> 7. Michael W LeRoy is the managing partner of Fulmer,LeRoy and Albee. He and his partners are currently activein the Multi-District Litigation complex tort litigation claimsthroughout the state of Florida and the southeastern UnitedStates. A 1993 honors graduate of the Florida StateUniversity College of Law, he spent two years as aprosecutor as an Assistant State Attorney in the SixteenthJudicial Circuit. He has also been admitted to practicebefore the U.S. District Court in Florida's Southern andMiddle Districts. </li></ol>


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