Intuit Investor Presentation August 2013

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<ul><li> 1. Intuit Investor Presentation July 2013 </li> <li> 2. FY13-15 Operational Priorities g Using Data to Create Delight Delivering Awesome Product Experiences Enabling the Contributions of Others- Network Effect Platforms Intuits Growth Strategies Intuits Strategy: how we accelerate results Amazing 1st Use Experiences: delivering the customer benefit Reimagining Mobile 1st/ Mobile Only: design and capabilities Solving Multi-Sided Problems Well: creating a virtuous circle Expanding Globally: platforms localized by users and developers Enabling Customer Data: better products &amp; break-through benefits To be a premier innovative growth company AcceleratingtoConnected Services </li> <li> 3. Small Business Group </li> <li> 4. We improve the bottom line of small businesses by &gt;20% Get and keep customers Manage finances Make/Accept payments Hire/Manage employees Intuit Full Service Payroll SBG Vision and Offerings </li> <li> 5. SMB Market is Big and Growing 29M SMBs in the US 500M SMBs Globally $60B in US SMB Spend in Target Markets +7% +5% +12% +15% Acquire Customers segment growing fast Non-Consumption is biggest opportunity Growth Rate Current SMB Spend ($B) </li> <li> 6. ~2B Invoices ~1.5B Bills Paid 1.6B Vendors 4.2B Customers 30M Employees $2T in Commerce The New Opportunity 5M SMBs 100K Developers 250K Accountants 1.2M Payroll SMBs &gt;90% Retail Share 360K Payments SMBs FY08 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 FY09 FY10 Our Emerging Assets 2M Company Files in the Intuit Cloud Our Enduring Assets + = 133K 2M </li> <li> 7. Continue to grow attach Penetrating QuickBooks ecosystem remains key Lifetime Value of QBO exceeds desktop $5B attach opportunity remains QB Pro QB Online $409 $978 $382 $1409Software Ecosystem Attach Current Attach Attach Opportunity Desktop Online Use data for in product discovery 29% 17% $1.1B Payroll Attach Opportunity Current Attach Attach Opportunity Desktop Online Payments as a QB Feature 5% 6% $4B Payments Attach Opportunity </li> <li> 8. Extending the Core: Demandforce Effortless Communication Use email, text, social and search to grow your business and keep customers coming back Online Reputation Build, maintain and leverage your most valuable asset a good online reputation Demandforce Network Increase exposure to your local community and maximize results Helping SMBs thrive in an evolving &amp; increasingly complex, connected world Automated marketing &amp; communications solutions Value proposition based on generating 3x ROI each month </li> <li> 9. What: We solve small business payments needs QuickBooks Payments Mobile PaymentsRetail Payments Get paid anywhere, with any payment type, on any device </li> <li> 10. Consumer Tax </li> <li> 11. Lots of room for long-term growth Manual Software 8/22/13 8/22/13 8/22/13Est. FY12 Returns (Intuit Estimate) TurboTax has just 21% of Total Tax Returns, 7% of Revenue ~146M ~$20B </li> <li> 12. * Software $ represents TurboTax estimated average revenue per return. Source: Intuit estimates, surveys Manual Franchise/Tax Store Pro / CPA Software ~5M filers enter ~3.5M filers exit $239 $203 $46* $0 51 28 38 -44 1% -1% 7% -14% Price Net Promoter 5 yr CAGR FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 Strategically positioned in the sweet spot </li> <li> 13. Manual is not our largest customer source Sources of FY09-12 TurboTax customers 8/22/13 8/22/13 8/22/13 8/22/13 </li> <li> 14. Opportunity: reacquire &amp; retain customers 70M+ unique visitors to ~35M unique customers over last 3 years Customer gains and losses 8/22/13 8/22/13 1 pt conversion = $40M and 720k customers 1 pt retention= $14M and 250k customers </li> <li> 15. We are striving for one True North outcome for Intuit (best we can be) Grow organic revenue double digits Grow revenue faster than expenses Deploy cash to highest-yield opportunities Maintain a strong balance sheet Financial Principles </li> <li> 16. Drive Growth In Our Core Products Acquire New Users Retain Existing Users Increase Offerings/User $1 Billion+ Opportunity 10M+ customers leave Intuit annually Average 1.5 apps/user with low awareness 1st use experiences not as easy as expected For every 100 we attract Between 2-14 convert! Improve Conversion 50% = up to $1 Billion Save 1 out of 10 = $75+ Million Increase 0.5 apps/user = $500 Million </li> </ul>