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  1. 1. Harry-Stephen Weedall
  2. 2. Firstly, I clicked file, new then newproject to get a blankdocument. Then I changed thesettings of my pages to blankfacing pages and then Idragged a blank page from theoption blank facing page ontomy document and received theoutcome of what is shown tothe right of this slide.
  3. 3. To insert a title I selectedthe text box and drew atext box on my page atthe top. I then clickedon the hand symbol andthen clicked on the textbox I had drawn toinsert my text. I thenedited my title by usingthe edit tool at thebottom of the page, Imade my text large andmy font bold so itstands out and is clearthat it is a title. I alsomade it red to standout.
  4. 4. To insert the cover lines I didthe same as what I didwith the title however Ikept the text size small atfont 18. I also made itbold so it also stood outand put the page numberof that feature next to it inred. I spread these coverlines in columns placedaround the page.
  5. 5. I added some pictures byselecting the rectanglepicture box tool todraw a box. I thenpressed select of thebox and pressedimport a file andselected the picturesfrom my area. I didn'thave a picture forevery cover line as Ididn't want to giveaway all of mycontents, however Iput some pictures in torelate to the picturesfor my contents pageto look moreinteresting.
  6. 6. Finally I added a backgroundto my contents pagedesign to make it standout and look appealing tothe people reading mymagazine. I chose thecolour light blue becauseit is a vibrant colour andgoes well with the colourred, which I have used inmy title and for the pagenumbers next to my coverlines subheadings.